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Having two separate biology clubs was redundant since their goals are so similar, vice president Kevin Chang said.

Building a bigger, better bio club

By Brian Ling February 2, 2024

Due to their similar subjects, biology olympiad has merged with biology club at the end of first semester, co-president Soham Nanawati said. Originally proposed by biology club, the two clubs eventually...

The speech officer team discusses upcoming tournaments.

Out of a slump, into the spotlight

By Adam Orrin December 6, 2023

The speech and debate team has always been an entirely student-run organization, impromptu committee officer Henry Hu said, creating challenges for the club as they struggled to succeed. However, recent...

Leisure can come in many different forms, from school clubs to outside hobbies, which can all help improve mental and physical health.

Leisure is not a waste

By Maya Dutt December 5, 2023

Life can feel like an endless race to get ahead. Getting into a good college, getting a good job and having a successful life are often the priorities we set for ourselves. During this race, however, we...

Shaurya Prayag crafts dog toys during the Key Club and animal welfare collaboration event.

POV: From community service to self-discovery

By Aviv Matas October 2, 2023

For me, knowing who I am and who I want to be is difficult. I am young and awkward, and there are a lot of things I do not know. So, when I found a passion for working with kids in education by doing community...

FBLA officer team announces competition information at their second general meeting.

Back in business

By Sanah Arya and Ella Chan October 1, 2023

FBLA officers and club members are preparing to embark on a season filled with innovation through a series of engaging retreats and meetings, Adhikari said.  At retreats, club officers make presentations...

Badminton club attracts courts full of players.

Badminton club reaches expectations with first open gym

By Brian Ip October 1, 2023

The incessant squeaking of shoes paves the way for the whistling of birdies meeting the netting of racquets, as students of all grade levels wait in line for a turn to hop on the court to play badminton. During...

Key club garners support for Earth Day by hosting a poster-making activity.

Constantly committed community

By Anderson Picone May 5, 2023

A new school year, a fresh start and new clubs to join. But as the year progresses, academics can get in the way and clubs are often forgotten, secretary and treasurer of HHS cancer society Jessica Zhao...

Indopak’s classical team performs on the quad stage during multicultural week.

Increasing cultural diversity through dancing

By Brian Ling and Evelyn Wang May 1, 2023

From introducing novel styles of dance to building relationships, co-president of Indopak, senior Roopa Srinivas said the club aims to spread awareness about Indian and Pakistani cultures. “We...

As a newly reactivated club, badminton club has seen increased student attendance at open gyms.

New blood revives badminton club

By Annabelle Yip February 28, 2023

The sound of badminton rackets and chatter fill the large gym, as the badminton club hosts an open gym. However, this would not have been the case just a few months ago.  At the beginning of the school...

Students leave clubs for their lack of interest in the club.

Dwindling club attendance brings incentives to smaller clubs

By Nathan Gu December 22, 2022

As the bell rings to mark the beginning of lunch in September, students rush into numerous classrooms to explore some of the clubs they find interesting for the school year, packing the respective meeting...

Just between us

Just between us

By Brevin Reed December 19, 2022

Feeling alone is always worse than actually being alone. Coming from a middle school in Los Altos to HHS was nerve-wracking to say the least, considering I knew only 2 other people. This, coupled with...

FBLA tryouts include writing, speaking and impromptu components to evaluate candidates’ skill levels and potentials, Patel said.

Building a stronger team

By Lindsey Steel and Evelyn Wang November 26, 2022

In the hopes of recruiting new members for their competition teams, Future Business Leaders of America held their annual tryouts from Nov. 14-18 and Nov. 21-22, junior, FBLA officer Saanika Patel said.  FBLA...

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