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The biology club uses a mix of lectures and practice problems to help students prepare for their AP tests, Nanawati said.

Study boost from STEM clubs

By Brian Ling May 15, 2024

With the arrival of AP exams, several STEM clubs are hosting review sessions to help their members excel, biology club co-president Soham Nanawati said. Nanawati, a junior, said members of his club...

Cyber security club members can gain many new computer skills by participating in Capture the Flag events, vice-president Soham Nanawati said.

Cracking open new skills through PicoCTF

By Brian Ling April 5, 2024

To give its members first-hand hacking experience, cyber security club participates in Capture the Flag events, vice-president Soham Nanawati said. In cybersecurity, CTF is a challenge where participants...

Game design club primarily uses the C# coding language to make their games, vice president Dhruv Bhargava said.

Leveling up programming skills

By Brian Ling February 26, 2024

As the popularity of gaming persists, the game design club was formed to introduce students to the process of how games are made, president Rishabh Bhargava said. This skill can be turned into a career...

Having two separate biology clubs was redundant since their goals are so similar, vice president Kevin Chang said.

Building a bigger, better bio club

By Brian Ling February 2, 2024

Due to their similar subjects, biology olympiad has merged with biology club at the end of first semester, co-president Soham Nanawati said. Originally proposed by biology club, the two clubs eventually...

Stanley Cup tumblers have become an overnight sensation, but social media has overhyped the product.

Thirst for Stanley Cups is unreasonable

By Brian Ling January 27, 2024

Stanley Cups, more specifically the Stanley Quencher Tumbler, have recently experienced a massive surge in popularity. Videos of this product have gone viral on social media, with the tag “Stanley”...

The boys varsity soccer team’s defense is one of their strong points, defender Adrien Julliard said.

Out with the old, in with the new

By Maya Dutt, Brian Ling, and Faith Watters December 16, 2023

With the new season in full swing, the boys varsity soccer team aims to place first in their league to compete in CCS, even though they did not perform as well as they hoped during the preseason, defender...

Certain items such as soap are essential to student well-being, yet they are frequently missing.

Missing necessities affect student comfort

By Brian Ling December 16, 2023

During long school days, there is no doubt that many students will at some point need to use the restrooms. However, whenever I use the restroom, I almost always notice something missing ranging from soap...

The Epitaph in Boston

The Epitaph in Boston

By Brian Ling and Adam Orrin December 14, 2023


News Quiz

News Quiz

By Nathan Gu, Brian Ling, and Jonathan Xue October 29, 2023

Members participate in a Blooket game surrounding the meeting’s content.

Securing the year

By Brian Ling September 19, 2023

In today’s technology-dependent society, cybercriminals are a threat to everyone. Because of this, cyber security club hopes to educate its members on how to stay safe online, while also teaching them...

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