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Underrated Artists: aiwake produces imaginative, downtempo beats

Driving at blue hour after sunset and a long road awaits: a feeling of calmness and contentment can only be paired with the best music. The indie electronic band aiwake’s discography perfectly fits this vibe through its calming production.

Although the electronic band aiwake has a short discography, each song is a gem that you do not want to miss. (Photo by Saira Ahmed)

Aiwake has been producing music since 2017, but my first introduction to them was a year later. The foreign band’s name appeared on my YouTube recommended page, and I clicked on their single “Palm City.” Although I was not expecting much, I was immediately mesmerized by the smooth synths, high production quality and hypnotic vocals. 

That single was so distinctive that, after listening on repeat for an hour, I had to delve deeper into their music. To my disappointment, aiwake only had three other songs, but each one was better than the previous. “Crescent Lane” was the highlight, taking a more lighthearted approach to vaporwave-adjacent music, while still containing fantastic synths, vocal chops and snaps. 

In 2019, the band released “Tonight (Sundown),” a track similar to “Palm City” but with improved background instrumentals. The vocal chops are used exceptionally well compared to other tracks, mixing with the flawless synth and drums for an extremely well-polished beat. “Tonight (Sundown)” is a song that makes you want to move, wherever you are, and just feel the music. 

Two years ago, aiwake released EP “#99000a,” a 2021 collaboration with electronic band Saen. The introductory track of the EP is instrumental, clearly setting a more aggressive and loud tone for the rest of the EP.

When the second track “Transparence” begins, it is clear that aiwake’s vocals, whether they stand alone or are intertwined with the background production, are perfect for this subgenre of electronic music. My personal favorite track, “Faded Patterns,” allows the EP to slow down as it roots back to aiwake’s typical chill sound. 

It is unclear where aiwake currently is, or if they will come back. Their social media pages have been quiet and there is no other information online. I can only hope for them to release new music soon, but even if they do not, aiwake has left a profound impression on my music taste. The mesmerizing electronic band leaves me searching for another underground artist with a style as special as theirs. 

Sometimes it is beneficial for artists to leave musical projects, whatever the reason. For listeners, it immortalizes their best work, preventing them from overworking themselves or losing relevance. Creativity is not something that should be rushed or forced, and aiwake is the epitome of creative perfection.

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Saira Ahmed
Saira Ahmed, Managing Editor
It is senior Saira Ahmed's third (and final) year on The Epitaph, but she is still looking forward to writing about the same topics as she did two years ago: niche issues on campus, scathing album reviews and artistic profiles. She cannot wait to use what she learned from the paper in the real world, aspiring to be an environmental photographer and journalist. Outside of The Epitaph, Saira enjoys spending countless hours searching for new music and creating Pinterest boards.

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