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FEATURES EXECUTED POORLY: Many of Spotify’s updates in the past couple of years have fallen flat.

A never-ending loop of songs

By Saira Ahmed April 24, 2022

Finding new music is something I look forward to every day. I love discovering new songs and artists I have never heard before and seeing what they have to offer. Before Spotify, YouTube’s personalized...

HIGH EXPECTATIONS DEFLATED: Wallows releases an underwhelming album despite having the capability to make better quality music.

‘Tell Me That It’s Over’ please

By Saira Ahmed April 1, 2022

I had high expectations for “Tell Me That It’s Over” as I enjoy many of Wallows’ songs. “These Days” and “Remember When” have been my go-to's for the past couple of years, so I was excited...

INTRIGUING YET UNDERAPPRECIATED: Beach Fossils combines interesting tunes and mellow vocals to make alluring albums. (Photo courtesy of Kohei Kawashima)

Underrated Artists: Beach Fossils

By Saira Ahmed March 15, 2022

                     Beach Fossils, an indie pop band from New York, has had a couple of semi-viral tracks...

 CALMING, DREAMY VOCALS: You’ll Never Get to Heaven utilizes catchy melodies overlapped with faded vocals to create ethereal music.

Underrated Artists: You’ll Never Get to Heaven

By Saira Ahmed February 10, 2022

In the past few years, I have noticed the genre dream-pop garnering a lot of attention. This genre often utilizes synths and altered vocals to make it feel like you are in a dream-like world. Artists like...

PRODUCTION MOVED ONLINE: After a rise in COVID-19 cases, ‘One Acts’ was moved from a stage to a YouTube video

‘One Acts’ moved online

By Saira Ahmed February 7, 2022

The drama department has been preparing a collection of student-written plays called ‘One Acts’ since December of 2021, initially thinking it would be performed in the auditorium. However, due to the...

THE BIG DECISION: Students who want to pursue art have been told they need to make a different career choice.

Pursuing the desire to be an artist

By Saira Ahmed January 17, 2022

Many high schoolers struggle to find a passion they want to carry into their career, but even students who know what they want to do deal with the other end of a double-edged sword. They still need to...

INEQUALITY AMONG SEARCHES: Nine bodies found during Gabby Petito search were swept under the rug due to unequal racial treatment in missing person cases.

Search for Gabby Petito highlights the prevalence of missing white woman syndrome

By Saira Ahmed November 8, 2021

Gabby Petito was an Instagram influencer who loved to travel the country with her fiance, Brian Laundrie, an activity she is no longer able to do. On Sept. 11, Petito was reported missing and within days,...

Quad celebration replaces traditional homecoming dance

The annual homecoming dance was substituted this year for the quad celebration in accordance with COVID-19 guidelines. The celebration took place Oct.15 as a precedor for the football game, ASB president...

New clubs at HHS

New clubs at HHS

By Saira Ahmed and Karuna Chandran September 24, 2021

Click the image to check out Epitaph's New Clubs At HHS

A HAPPY MEDIUM: AP Art teacher Tyler Cripe poses with the “Wall of Chaos”, a collection of students’ drawings on the desks from the first week of school. (Caption 2) OLD HALLOWEEN COSTUME: Tyler Cripe poses with a paper mache mask of his own face. (Caption 3) PAST STUDENT ARTWORK: The walls of Tyler Cripes classroom are filled with work that past students left behind.

Taking the Scenic Route: The Journey of an Art Teacher

By Saira Ahmed September 10, 2021

Art teacher Tyler Cripe began his journey as a creator unsure of which path to follow. He had taken a few art classes in school, so when it came time for him to pick a college major, he chose the field...

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