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Electronic producer ILLENIUM’s older music showed his true talent as a DJ, creating immersive and unique melodies that others still haven’t replicated.

Underrated Artists: Revisiting ILLENIUM’s best music

By Saira Ahmed February 6, 2024

I’ve been a fan of electronic producer ILLENIUM for almost a decade, but unfortunately, I feel more attached to his earlier music. With each new album, it seems his creativity lessens and each song appears...

Students gather to watch cheer perform during welcome back week.

Senior walk-in moved to homecoming rally

By Saira Ahmed, Nicole Kim, and Rajiv Venkatesh October 6, 2023

The annual welcome back rally was not held this year, and was replaced by a welcome back week. The senior walk-in, usually part of the welcome back rally, will instead be held during the homecoming rally...

The JV football team puts more effort into practices this year than they did last year, captain Raul De Los Santos said.

Strong start, strong bonds

By Saira Ahmed, Alan Ma, and Malar Raguraman October 3, 2023

JV football began the season with a 3-1 record, a strong start after the team’s struggles last year, coach Raymond Souza said. “We have a very good incoming freshmen class, and I’m very impressed...

Doing photography with other people helps because you can be guided by your peers experience, club member Maya Yatziv said.

Life in Focus-es on student interest

By Maya Dutt September 24, 2023

Life in Focus photography club aims to provide a forum for photography enthusiasts to learn, practice and connect with each other through photography, activities manager, senior Noelle Lee said.  The...

Although the electronic band aiwake has a short discography, each song is a gem that you do not want to miss.

Underrated Artists: aiwake produces imaginative, downtempo beats

By Saira Ahmed September 11, 2023

Driving at blue hour after sunset and a long road awaits: a feeling of calmness and contentment can only be paired with the best music. The indie electronic band aiwake’s discography perfectly fits this...

Accelerated summer construction projects will give students and teachers access to renovated buildings this school year.

Campus construction completed — for now

After continuous construction on campus for the last 15 years, no major renovations will take place during the upcoming school year, principal Greg Giglio said. The B and S buildings and library quad will...

From enthusiastic performances and a beautiful venue to funny moments and fan reactions, “Bittersweet Daze” is a concert I will never forget.

Cavetown’s ‘Bittersweet Daze’ tour comes to Bay Area

By Saira Ahmed and Nicole Kim July 25, 2023

“Happy-sounding sad music,” the way indie-pop artist mxmtoon introduced her performance, initially felt like just a side comment. However, it perfectly encapsulates the bright, poppy sound and sad...

When globalization hits locally

When globalization hits locally

Click the photo below to view the investigative piece, or visit this link:

Indie artist Haux helped me discover my love for calmer songs.

Underrated Artists: Haux elevates acoustics with lyrical melodies, calming instrumentals

By Saira Ahmed May 14, 2023

It was a typical Saturday morning in 2016 when I first heard “Seaside” by Haux — Minecraft, green tea and morning sunlight shining onto my desk. Although the song echoed in my room for only three...

Electronic producer Flume deserves more attention for his innovative songs and remixes.

Underrated Artists: Flume’s work represents the intricacies of electronica

By Saira Ahmed April 10, 2023

Flume may have broken into the radio scene with hits “Never Be Like You” and “Say It,” but the artist has not received nearly as much admiration as he deserves. Yes, those are amazingly produced...

Angus & Julia Stone create inspiring, comforting music with flawless vocals.

Underrated Artists: Angus & Julia Stone’s dreamy indie-folk music is worth a listen

By Saira Ahmed April 4, 2023

Brother-sister duo Angus & Julia Stone have their own independent music careers, but together, they create musical masterpieces. Since 2006, the duo has released five albums that all carry their signature...

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