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New JV softball coach takes the bat

Bryan Devert joins girls softball as assistant coach

After half a season without a JV coach, varsity girls softball coach Chris Caires asked for help coaching the girls softball team, leading to Bryan Devert joining the team as assistant coach for JV girls softball on April 22, Caires said.

Varsity girls softball coach Chris Caires (right) said he has helped assistant coach Bryan Devert (left) adjust to high school softball coaching. (Photo by Maya Dutt)

Though not in a paid position, Devert said he effectively has the responsibilities of a JV coach, including managing the team during their practices and fostering each player’s development.

“The girls who are on the JV team range in skill level, from having a handful years of experience in the sport to girls who haven’t played ever and don’t understand the game,” Devert said. “My primary goal is to further the skills that more developed players have on the JV squad, but at the same time, introduce all the skill sets [needed] to play the game at a competitive level.”

Caires said he was happy to have the help because the athletics department had trouble finding an applicant for the position. In the meantime, he had to manage both teams to keep the program running for this school year.

“I would juggle and do both, which is somewhat demanding,” Caires said. “[For example,] if I got here at 1:30 in the afternoon for varsity pregame, I wouldn’t leave till 7:30 or 8:30 at night. [Devert] helped tremendously so I don’t have to be in two places at one time.”

Caires said he is also helping Devert adjust to his new position. Previously, Devert said he had coached for youth leagues within Sunnyvale recreation and camp level softball at programs his kids attended. Some of Devert’s youth coaching tactics translate well to the high school level, while a few others require modification, Caires said. However, Devert brings outstanding communication skills and is extremely receptive to feedback, Caires added.

“[Devert] brings some enthusiasm and he has a good rapport with the kids,” Caires said. “He is excited to help out and I think the girls are receiving [his enthusiasm].”

Devert joining the team helped the JV girls get more individualized attention, freshman, second base player Reva Karri said.

“A lot of times we were just having to teach each other. Now we actually have some sort of coaching,” Karri said. “Since [Devert] joined we were able to have certain members of our team try out pitching, which was really fun to do.”

However, Karri said that she sometimes learned more under Caires’ strict coaching style than under Devert’s more laid-back style.

“Coach Bryan is a lot more easy going, which does help the team bond,” Karri said. “Though Coach Chris is a strict coach at times, I got better while coaching with him.”

Even after Devert joined, there were still some rough patches during the season, Caires said. Despite the ups and downs, attendance and morale in the girls softball team have stayed high, Caires said.

“It is challenging at times but the girls make it rewarding,” Caires said. “Their attitude seems to be great and the fact that they keep showing up is a big win. There was a lot of uncertainty so I just want to thank them for their patience and their perseverance. All we ask is for them to give their best effort whenever they can. I think they try to do that every day that they’re out here.”

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