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Caires said the girls have a close bond which helps them get through the season.

Varsity softball hits a line drive to CCS

By Maya Dutt, Malar Raguraman, and Mackie Vu June 2, 2024

After a season of struggles, girls varsity softball overcame several obstacles and qualified for CCS championships, varsity coach Chris Caires said. The team’s strength and determination through hardship...

Varsity girls softball coach Chris Caires (right) said he has helped assistant coach Bryan Devert (left) adjust to high school softball coaching.

New JV softball coach takes the bat

By Maya Dutt June 2, 2024

After half a season without a JV coach, varsity girls softball coach Chris Caires asked for help coaching the girls softball team, leading to Bryan Devert joining the team as assistant coach for JV girls...

Archaic language and ideas make classic books seem disconnected from the modern world.

New books will stand test of time

By Maya Dutt February 6, 2024

Classics are often touted as the pillars of literature. When looking for more scholarly book recommendations, I have often come across comments or articles overstating the effects classics have on your...

Best manga to read for 2024

Best manga to read for 2024

By Maya Dutt January 24, 2024


The boys varsity soccer team’s defense is one of their strong points, defender Adrien Julliard said.

Out with the old, in with the new

By Maya Dutt, Brian Ling, and Faith Watters December 16, 2023

With the new season in full swing, the boys varsity soccer team aims to place first in their league to compete in CCS, even though they did not perform as well as they hoped during the preseason, defender...

Leisure can come in many different forms, from school clubs to outside hobbies, which can all help improve mental and physical health.

Leisure is not a waste

By Maya Dutt December 5, 2023

Life can feel like an endless race to get ahead. Getting into a good college, getting a good job and having a successful life are often the priorities we set for ourselves. During this race, however, we...

Favorite music genres

Favorite music genres

By Maya Dutt, Parker Lin, and Alicia Liste December 3, 2023


NewJean’s newest album is a smooth take on love and loss.

‘Get Up’ and listen to NewJeans’ newest album

By Maya Dutt September 25, 2023

The first time I heard NewJeans, a five-member K-pop sensation, was when my friend played me their debut song, “Attention.” From that moment on, I fell in love with their music. I religiously followed...

Doing photography with other people helps because you can be guided by your peers experience, club member Maya Yatziv said.

Life in Focus-es on student interest

By Maya Dutt September 24, 2023

Life in Focus photography club aims to provide a forum for photography enthusiasts to learn, practice and connect with each other through photography, activities manager, senior Noelle Lee said.  The...

Students participate in one of the government classes held at HHS.

Youth feel dispassionate, unheard in politics

Although today’s tense political climate may feel distant to high school students, junior Kaci Freeman said politics is a more important issue than many youth perceive.  Participating in politics...

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