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Varsity baseball off to a hot start

Teammates reflect on improvements from last season

Varsity baseball has improved significantly since last year, outfielder and pitcher Logan Christianson said. This is largely a result of stronger team chemistry and a larger emphasis on team bonding, he said, which was less prominent in previous years.

First baseman and pitcher Avinash Lohitsa said working on the mental side of the game and communication has helped the team improve. (Photo by Aviv Matas)

“We’ve definitely tried to do more team bondings, last year we didn’t do anything,” Sunseri said. “We kind of just had our practice and our games and our individual stuff didn’t really matter to our coach. This year, we’re trying to focus on more team bondings.”

First baseman, pitcher Avinash Lohitsa said he has noticed the team has much more chemistry this year by incorporating more communication and the mental side of the game.

Head coach Travis Sunseri said he also noticed the players being more enthusiastic and are buying into the coaching program more this year. 

“From last year to this year, there’s been a huge improvement as far as help and support from the coaching staff and kids who want to be here,” Sunseri said. “We [the coaching staff] made team rules and are enforcing those daily.”

With that, Sunseri said the coaching staff is working on adapting practices to what they should expect in a game.

“When practice is hard, the game comes easier, and making sure that these guys are prepared for whatever is thrown at them as far as if it’s a league game or if it’s a tough competition,” Sunseri said. “It’s just getting them mentally prepared for what life is after high school baseball and living in the current moment at the same time

Additionally, Sunseri said the players have been stepping up by taking more leadership positions and supporting one another. 

“Some of them are not the captains but they have stepped up in a way to help contribute to the team,” Sunseri said. “I’ve seen guys picking each other up in between games, and if someone is having a bad outing, they cheer them on and let them know that they are there for them.”

With all the added help and better energy, Sunseri said he hopes it can lead to their dream of making it to Central Coast Section. 

The team has still had ups and downs, including close games, upsetting losses and spectacular wins, like the 5-1 win against Capuchino on March 14. 

“I’m seeing a lot of growth through this beginning of the season,” Sunseri said. “I’m really excited to see what else we have and I’m looking forward to a very successful season.”

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