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Aside from aiming to win, new badminton coach Jack Ip (right) said he hopes to instill a love for the sport in players.

Fresh coach sets fresh record

By Annie Guo, Evelyn Wang, and Jonathan Xue April 29, 2024

Birdies whistle and the swings of rackets fill the gym as new badminton coach Jack Ip takes up the mantle of responsibility. Ip said he became the team’s coach because he already knew many of the varsity...

Upperclassmen take leadership during games to lead the team to success, middle blocker Jack Rohloff said.

Upperclassmen step into predecessors’ shoes

By Ella Chan, Kevin Miao, and Annabelle Yip April 19, 2024

Last year’s seniors made up most of the previous varsity team, bringing unmatchable spirit and energy, middle blocker Jack Rohloff said. But after they left, it became up to the current varsity team...

First baseman and pitcher Avinash Lohitsa said working on the mental side of the game and communication has helped the team improve.

Varsity baseball off to a hot start

By Andrew Fekete and Aviv Matas April 12, 2024

Varsity baseball has improved significantly since last year, outfielder and pitcher Logan Christianson said. This is largely a result of stronger team chemistry and a larger emphasis on team bonding, he...

 Freshman Owen Chau said he believes the absence of a JV team is fair due to the skill required to play golf.

Varsity or bust

By Ella Chan, Jonathan Xue, and Annabelle Yip March 5, 2024

Boys golf, unlike other sports, only has a varsity team. Given the increasing interest in joining the golf team, many less experienced golf players were cut from the roster of 12, senior Wyatt Hook said. The...

Wrestling head coach Lenis Brown encourages each wrestler at their first team meet at Fremont.

Wrestling welcomes new head coach

By Nicole Pimenta Innecco, Adam Orrin, and Malar Raguraman December 17, 2023

The start of a new winter sports season is the beginning of Lenis Brown's career at our school as the new head coach of the wrestling team. Despite his first experience coaching being last year...

Freshman Hope Yin said a factor that motivates her to play basketball is competing with her older sisters.

Exceeding the standard

By Annie Guo, Parker Lin, and Evelyn Wang December 11, 2023

While it is not the norm for freshmen to make it onto the varsity girls' basketball team, freshman and point guard Hope Yin is an exception to this pattern. In the past five years, only one other freshman...

Coach Jackie Lam said she hopes to bring enthusiasm and a genuine joy for tennis to the team.

New face behind the racket

By Anushruti Nagarajan and Nicole Pimenta Innecco October 14, 2023

As the courts come alive with the renewed energy of a new season, players gear up to welcome their new coach: Jackie Lam. With prior experience and a different perspective, she hopes to strengthen the...

Cross country members socialize before a practice.

Running for friends and fun

By Annie Guo, Alicia Liste, and Nicole Kim October 7, 2023

Running countless miles under the blazing sun is not how most students would choose to spend their weekday afternoons. But for the select few that decided to join the cross country team, this tiring routine...

Diede de Groot of the Netherlands beat Yui Kamiji of Japan in the womens singles final to extend her winning streak to 121 matches. (Photo from International Paralympic Committee)

A deserving championship win

By Helen Tam October 6, 2023

This year’s U.S. Open wheelchair tournament, held from Sept. 5-10, is a hardcourt tennis tournament known for its exceptional talent and sportsmanship, recently concluded with a profound display of skill...

Badminton club attracts courts full of players.

Badminton club reaches expectations with first open gym

By Brian Ip October 1, 2023

The incessant squeaking of shoes paves the way for the whistling of birdies meeting the netting of racquets, as students of all grade levels wait in line for a turn to hop on the court to play badminton. During...

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