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Annual Halloween barbecue brings staff together

Annual Halloween barbecue brings staff together

By Sara Shohoud and with additional reporting by Leila Salam

November 13, 2019

Girl plays ‘boy’ sport: Eden Ovadia paves the way for women in football

Ovadia is able to hold a sense of anonymity on the team, as players’ genders are indistinguishable in their football uniform.

By Sara Shohoud

October 30, 2019

H omestead has made history. Senior Eden Ovadia is the first female to play on the boys varsity football team for two seasons, playing as a wide receiver and free safety. Ovadia was able to try out for the team with the help of her teacher, she said. “One of my teachers was the [football] co...

ACTiVISION: Animal Activists

ACTiVISION: Animal Activists

By Nika Bondar

October 29, 2019

ACTiVISION is a new series on the Epitaph channel. It highlights student activists and their stance on controversial topics on the HHS campus and what they do outside of school. This first video showcases Jenna Sinkinson and Sophia Luo and their mission to improve animal rights....

The Epitaph presents … Homecoming 2019

The Epitaph presents ... Homecoming 2019

By Saanvi Thakur, with additional reporting by Melody Chen, Shreya Partha and Kacey Rebstock

October 14, 2019

The Epitaph presents ... Homestead High School's homecoming video, featuring all of the events from HoCo week, including cheer-offs, lunchtime class competitions, the rally and more! Check it out and be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel for more exclusive content! ...

Homecoming court reacts to nominations

Homecoming Court poses at Serra Park after Nadav Ben David and Soraya Miremadi were named King and Queen.

By Melody Chen, Shreya Partha, Kacey Rebstock, and Saanvi Thakur

October 8, 2019

On Friday, during the rally, seniors Nadav Ben David and Soraya Miremadi were named Homecoming king and queen. The other nominees included Will Randleman, Jacqueline Beaufore, Zibaa Adil, Dominick Rosenthal, Anna Chibukhchyan, Lior Kishinevsky, Tommy Cacho III and Fabiola Zamora Suciu. When deciding...

Girls volleyball: secret to success

Girls volleyball: secret to success

By Miya Liu

September 30, 2019

The varsity girls volleyball team did well last year, winning CCS, but while strong-skilled individuals were one component responsible for their success, the interpersonal relationships the team has formed also played a large part in their victory, senior Rachel Payne said.  “We have this family bond,” Payne said. “Once you get on the team, you are alr...