The Epitaph

California colleges adjust admission prerequisites temporarily in light of pandemic

Colleges may rely heavily on an applicant’s extracurriculars and hobbies instead of academics, when selecting students to admit.

By Jane Park

April 25, 2020

All California universities and colleges — including UCs, state schools, community colleges and private colleges — have temporarily changed their previous grade- and test-based standards for admission due to COVID-19, according to EdSource.  Colleges are known for heavily basing their admissions on statistics, but many schools are planning to switch to test optiona...

Dropping SAT, ACT requirements amid a pandemic benefits those with test anxiety, socioeconomic challenges

The SAT and ACT discriminates against those with economic disadvantages and needs to be removed as a requirement for college admissions.

By Saanvi Thakur

April 21, 2020

When entering high school, most students have a checklist to complete before graduating: subject tests, AP tests and most importantly, the SAT or ACT. These tasks are all top priorities for students, and for good reason.  SAT and ACT scores count as one of the mandatory factors a majority of U.S. college...