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STAFF EDITORIAL: Schools should not overstep their jurisdiction

The game had been occurring after students arrived home after school and on the weekend. Since it was being played off-campus and during students’ recreational time, there is no way the game infringes on school rules.

By defining this game as a violation of school rules, the administration shows just how arbitrary the line is between on-campus and off-campus activities.

February 17, 2020

It all started as a game.  Created by two seniors, each player in “Homestead Assassin” is randomly assigned a target, a student they are meant to “assassinate” with a nerf gun or water balloon before the established deadline.  After the target is eliminated, they move on to the next ...

Administration bans ‘Homestead Assassin’ game amidst safety concerns

Administration bans 'Homestead Assassin' game amidst safety concerns

By Shruti Magesh, with additional reporting by Jacqueline Beaufore, Seo Young Hwang and Ritaja Subrahmanya

February 16, 2020

Imitation weapons, stripping, videotaping without permission among safety concerns cited in banning of “Homestead Assassin” The “Homestead Assassin” game was shut down by the administration last week due to potential safety issues and a violation of school rules, according to an email sent by ...