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Whether their songs are in Korean or English, South Korean indie rock band wave to earth brings me back to my best or worst memories.

Indie rock band wave to earth makes me feel all four seasons at once

By Mackie Vu January 29, 2024

As I hit play, the melodies of electric guitar flow through my earbuds and my sense of time rewinds, transporting me back to familiar memories. This nostalgic guitar feature begins a song titled “love.”...

Favorite music genres

Favorite music genres

By Maya Dutt, Parker Lin, and Alicia Liste December 3, 2023


The audience erupts in screams and tears as The 1975’s lead singer Matty Healy performs.

The 1975 smashes expectations

By Kevin Miao and Adam Orrin October 2, 2023

Curtains rise to highlight a life-sized house. Matty Healy, the lead singer of The 1975, walks to the couch, turns on the TV and lights a cigar. The audience is entranced: their eyes follow his every movement...

Taylor Swift’s tour buses traveled through 17 states while she performed 53 shows, positively affecting the revenue in each city she visited.

‘The Eras Tour’ creates a ‘Gold Rush’

By Danielle Feldsher September 27, 2023

Whether you are a Taylor Swift superfan like me or a longtime hater of the singer, there is no doubt that her “Eras Tour” has made a shocking impact on the United States this year. Holding the record...

Scharf said he conducts with passion and devotion for band students.

‘The best job in the world’

By Manya Girivasan and Veronica Zhao May 19, 2023

Though associate band director Benjamin Scharf only began teaching at HHS in 2020, his musical journey started in his childhood, when he took piano lessons. Scharf later became a percussionist at Lawson...

Chris Hoefflinger incorporates his past band experiences at HHS by fulfilling his role as a new student teacher.

Returning to musical roots

By Manya Girivasan and Veronica Zhao November 29, 2022

Chris Hoefflinger stands on the podium, conducting for the freshmen band class. A decade ago, he was in these very seats as an HHS student, watching his own teacher and current band director, John Burn. After...

Tiktok’s recent popularity among users has degraded the quality of the content produced by the music industry.

Movements in Music: TikTok’s damaging role in the music industry

By Niyatee Jain November 16, 2022

Creators have long used social media to connect with their followers. However, as TikTok becomes more popular, it is clear that its effect on the music industry has caused a significant negative shift...

While it should be acknowledged that stars with famous parents have privilege, to say that they do not deserve their success is untrue because of their contributions to the entertainment industry.

Movements in Music

By Niyatee Jain September 23, 2022

In order to be successful in the entertainment industry, actors and musicians need to have the right connections. Talent does not matter if they do not have the proper people, such as agents, publicists...

Dressed in luxurious dresses and crowns, ITZY administered a shock to many fans after releasing their new album “CHECKMATE” in summer 2022.

ITZY’s latest album made me scratch my head in a good way

By Mackie Vu September 15, 2022

ITZY, a Korean girl group, has recently made a comeback, releasing their album “CHECKMATE” on July 15, 2022. The five-member group, composed of Chaeryeong, Lia, Ryujin, Yeji and Yuna, is one of the...

DID NOT DISAPPOINT: Chase Atlantic filled the venue with passion and spirit providing fans with a perfect experience.

Chase Atlantic kicks off ‘Cold Nights’ tour with high-energy opening night

By Amber Birrell and Christine Kim July 10, 2022

Covered head to toe in hot pink, Leah Kate struts on stage to kick off opening night of Chase Atlantic’s “Cold Nights” tour in San Francisco.   Although Kate is a talented vocalist and has a...

MOVEMENTS IN MUSIC: Franklin’s “Respect” was ahead of its time in terms of its message and gave women an anthem to fuel the fight for their rights.

Movements in Music

By Niyatee Jain May 31, 2022

Music is a powerful mechanism for sparking social change and starting meaningful conversations about important issues. Artists have risked their careers every day by shedding light on controversial subjects...

FEATURES EXECUTED POORLY: Many of Spotify’s updates in the past couple of years have fallen flat.

A never-ending loop of songs

By Saira Ahmed April 24, 2022

Finding new music is something I look forward to every day. I love discovering new songs and artists I have never heard before and seeing what they have to offer. Before Spotify, YouTube’s personalized...

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