Space to Create: a collection of inspirational home workspaces

Be inspired by these student quarantine workspaces

By Raymond Ranbhise and Jack Xu

Coping with COVID-19: HHS students share organizational tips.

Click on the following images to see their purposes and the thought behind their positioning!

“It’s tough to stay focused during these times,” sophomore Amelia Craciun said. “[You should ] take notes in class on paper, because it helps your brain process it better.”

Photo courtesy of Amelia Cracium

Sophomore Karina Lim keeps her desk space clean so there are no potential distractions. She also keeps her binders and folders on one side for organization. 

Photo courtesy of Karina Lim

To keep her space clean, sophomore Emily Tumacder puts items like her textbook and tablet on one side and her computer on the other side.

Photo courtesy of Emily Tumacder

When it comes to organization, there are many options students can explore based on their preferences, as shown in sophomore Henna Chawla‘s set up.

Photo courtesy of Henna Chawla

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