Virtual Enterprise students present: Bolt


Senior Nathaniel Wipfler signs a virtual deal with the mayor of Sunnyvale

By Uli Barkai

Teachers often struggle to get their students to engage in the class. However, in this year’s virtual enterprise class, a group of kids took their project to heart and created something amazing.

For the past four years, kids in the virtual enterprise classes have been given the task of creating a virtual company. 

“We’ve had this class for four years, this is by far the best group I’ve gotten to work with,” virtual enterprise teacher Graeme Logie said.

The class created a company called Bolt Inc., which specializes in charging accessories.  The student-designed website reads: “Here at Bolt Incorporated we provide our customers with new innovation. Our new line of charging accessories consists of a variety of products from bracelets, wallets, keychains, backpacks, purses, and other bags. All of our products have built in chargers that charge your electronic devices on the go.”

The students’ virtual company, led by CEO senior, Nathaniel Wifler, is competing through the New York-based Virtual Enterprise International program. Bolt Inc. is competing with a plethora of student-run virtual companies across the nation with hopes of making the most sales and progressing in the competition.

The Epitaph attempted to purchase a large order of backpacks for its reporters. Unfortunately,  the stock was bought out by the mayor of Sunnyvale, who purchased Bolt bags for the entire city council.