Team captain’s role

A team captain is more than a team player, they are a team leader

By Indira Cockerill

There is no ‘I’ in team, but while everybody has roles, the team captains play a key role in getting the team ready for a game. Senior Eli Song, one of the team captains on varsity water polo, said she likes a good challenge. Song has been playing water polo since freshmen year and really enjoys it. She not only has the skills but the determination to be a team leader on varsity water polo.

“I think it [the reason why we are team captains] is mainly because we showed more leadership and we [team captains] like to organize things for the team,” Song said. “Medini and I were the people who organized everything for the seniors [last year].”

Both senior Medini Rastogi and Song have been playing water polo for quite some time Medini, for a club outside of school and Song since freshman year. and have the lea

“I like how I get to lead the cheers,” Song said. “ I like being apart of that group of girls cause I’m leading them in every game and practice….”

Being team captain can be a lot of fun when you have an amazing team to back you up, but with the role of team captain you have more responsibility than most. Song said time commitment, the pressure that’s on you, that you’re captain and [that] you just have to lead the team on but [in general] I don’t think there’s any negative side.

Song plays driver which is on the side. She started out as a driver as a freshman and just kept up with the position. But, if she had the chance to change her position Song said she would try to play either set d or set because those are the really strong girls and they are always in front of the cage and they lead the plays on.