Walking to cure cancer

Participants of the 5k run towards a cause together

By Kira Garlick

Homestead Cancer Society hosted a 5-kilometer run to raise money for Cancer Care Point, an organization which helps cancer survivors in the local community.

Around 25 registered participants showed up early Saturday morning to run together for the cause, including Cancer Society club members, cross country teammates and cancer survivor French teacher Kelly Ronsheimer, with her close friend Muriel Von Stein.

“For me it’s very personal motivation,” club advisor Von Stein said, who said she has had family members and friends affected by cancer.

Both Von Stein and Ronsheimer have participated in events with Cancer Society before, and have walked in last year’s 5K.

“I was telling Madame Ronsheimer, ‘I woke up as early as I do during the week but I was excited,’ I was [thinking], ‘Oh yeah let’s go!’” Von Stein said.

The event started with runners making two laps around the track and another three large ones around the baseball field, finishing with a little over five kilometers in distance.

Runners could donate as well as buy T-shirts the club had for sale. Refreshments such as bagels and Jamba Juice were also for sale.

Cancer Society also made a small booth with inspirational boards which runners could write messages on to loved ones who have had cancer or are currently fighting it.

“We just want to involve the community,” senior and club president Erika Yasuda said. “Since our club is a school sponsored club and we usually only get high school students to come out and join… we wanted to [reach out] to the community and this event allows us to do that.”

This isn’t the only 5K the club has put together. Last year was the club’s first running event and the donations were sent to the American Cancer Society.

This year’s event was planned early in August by club members, who decided they wanted to make a more personal donation this year. Cancer Care Point has helped Ronsheimer through her recovery, and the club was able to get the organization passed through the board in time for the event to accept the runner’s donations.

“It’s a moment of growth,” Yasuda said. “I love being able to know that we’ve made a difference… it feels so good to all of us knowing that our hard work has paid off.”