And on the eve of Homecoming…

Final brunch cheer-off and JV football game make way for the last day of homecoming


This morning, the fourth and final brunch cheer-off took place in the quad.

By Mark Lu

On Wednesday night, class officers and volunteers spent several hours after school setting up their respective quad decorations.

This morning, the fourth and final brunch cheer-off took place in the quad. It marked the end of this year’s brunch cheer-offs. Seniors took the victory, juniors placed second, sophomores third and freshmen fourth.

“We probably beat the juniors today,” sophomore Claren Dai said.

Having received a fourth place finish in all of the brunch activities, several members of the Class of 2020 saw their morning cheer-off performance in a positive light

“I’m going to let you finish, but the freshmen had one of the best cheer-offs of all time,” freshman Lyndon Lee said, referencing Kanye West.

The Class of 2019 mostly finished third place throughout the week.

“It feels pretty bad. I think we put a lot of work into [the cheer-off], and we were really loud actually,” sophomore Trinity Gao said.

“I don’t think the juniors beat the seniors yesterday,” she said.

Following the brunch activity, the JV football  game kicked off this afternoon against FHS. The game ended in  a 28-17 loss to the Firebirds.

The finale of this school year’s Homecoming takes place tomorrow. The annual Homecoming rally will take place in the Large Gym in place of  tutorial, the Homecoming parade at 3:15 p.m. and the varsity football game, which is also the Battle of the Bell against FHS, is kicking off at 6:00 p.m.