Letter to the Editor: Student tutor classes need changes

By Aaron Fukuoka, Junior

Recently, I dropped Student Tutor, a class where a tutor is stationed with a class such as Algebra 1 or Biology for a year. During class, tutors work with students who need help on concepts taught in class/review, assisting the teacher with busy work such as grading minor assignments, or freeing up a teacher to allow them to help a student. In a way, it highly resembles Teacher Aide. However, student tutors cannot choose who they serve under, nor are they allowed to state their preferred teacher if one exists. In addition, the list of teachers who need tutors is kept confidential, unlike Teacher Aide, which openly reveals teachers in need of one. I dropped Student Tutor partly due to an unfortunate placement under a substandard teacher, but mainly because of these injustices. Why should student tutors, who dedicate their time and energy to their classes, be treated as second class Teacher Aide’s? That is my outlook on this issue.

According to my counselor I was told there was a priority list for tutors, at least for Algebra 1. Teachers who are in greater need of a tutor appear higher on the list, and if a person applies to become a tutor, they are redirected to such teachers. Thus, tutors have little to no power in the ordeal. In this process, the opinions of the tutors have never been considered, much less asked for, and I feel as if that simple check with us tutors should be done before placing us in different classes. Us tutors apply so we can serve the school, so I don’t see why our opinions aren’t even asked for. I don’t know if others share my concerns, but I strongly feel that there needs to be changes to the Student Tutor course in order to better the working environment.  I would like your thoughts on this; can the Student Tutor class continue the way it is without any amendments?