Passengers movie does not surpass expectations

The space-thrilling love story starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt was intense throughout the entire showing


The syfy film took an odd story line. (Photo courtesy of Columbia Pictures)

he “Passengers” movie that was released on Dec. 21 was thrilling but also left the audience with an almost uncomfortable feeling. The film set high expectations by starring popular actors such as Jennifer Lawrence from “The Hunger Games,” “Joy” and the “X-Men” movies. Chris Pratt, another main actor, has starred in “Guardians of the Galaxy” and the popular comedy show “Parks and Recreation.” These are two of my favorite actors, so I was naturally fairly excited to see this movie.

The hour and 56-minute-long movie was set in the future, featuring a spaceship called the Avalon which was on a journey to the far away planet of Homestead II. Pratt, as the character Jim Preston, is in suspended animation with over 5,000 other passengers and crew on the ship to preserve their bodies for the duration of the flight. There is a malfunction and somehow Preston wakes up alone on the ship with 90 years before anyone else is supposed to wake up.

After galavanting around the ship and making friends with a bartending robot, he begins to become depressed and suicidal. Then, he sees Jennifer Lawrence in her pod as the character Aurora Lane and he develops a crush. He debates over whether he should wake her up and doom her to live the rest of her life on the ship with him. Eventually he does, and they fall in love.

It is all wonderful until she finds out he woke her up and becomes depressed. This is then made into a smaller problem, as larger problems arise when the ship begin to break and they have to figure how to fix it.

Overall, I enjoyed the setting of the movie and the idea of the plot, but I feel that there could have been more comedy to make it less heavy. It stayed stressful for the audience throughout the entire time, but it was not at all boring. The acting seemed very realistic and emotions were portrayed well. Overall, it was a romantic movie and enjoyable to watch. I would rate it 3 stars and would recommend seeing it.