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IndoPak brings in fresh new faces

Tryout results were announced this week

By Andrea Sun

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Auditioners dance along to the music with their new routine.

IndoPak is an Indian-Pakistani club that spreads their culture through dance. There are five dance teams in total: Film, Bhangra, Raas, Classical and Windian. This year’s auditions took place on Oct. 17-20, with make up days being on Sunday, Oct. 29. Results for the tryouts were announced Oct. 30 on the Facebook group for IndoPak.

Team Results:


  • Divya Ramamoorthy (captain)
  • Sahiti Kadiyala
  • Saniya Kotwal
  • Esha Dupuguntla


  • Pranali Kasturi (captain)
  • Sahiti Kandiyala
  • Saniya Kotwal
  • Veena Kotha
  • Rashmi Desale
  • Nicole Wong
  • Esmeralda Sanchez
  • Ivani Deshpande
  • Michelle Fung
  • Keertana Patnam
  • Jahnavi Maru
  • Sonia Parikh
  • Karin Sagir
  • Sherin Jolly



  • Ruchi Chhadwa (captain)
  • Pranali Kasturi
  • Hannah Mok
  • Audrey Er
  • Kathy Rodriguez
  • Victoria Gibbs
  • Ananya Verma
  • Angela Wipfler
  • Anisha Chandra
  • Oviya Adhan
  • Eesha Panchal
  • Athira Rajiv


  • Vikram Shirsat (captain)
  • Sunny Arattukulam (captain)
  • Sahaj Putcha
  • Ethan Chen
  • Kevin Shum
  • Jai Loonker
  • Joseph Cho
  • Rohan Zamvar
  • Varun Kiragi
  • Nalin Krishnan
  • Eric Chan
  • Kishore Srinivas



  • Tarun Sohal (captain)
  • Nikhil Kulkarni
  • Sahaj Putcha
  • Varun Kiragi
  • Vikram Shirsat
  • Rintaro Fukada
  • Jai Loonker


  • Tara Sohal (captain)
  • Pranali Kasturi
  • Ruchi Chhadwa
  • Eesha Panchal
  • Kathy Rodriguez
  • Vicky Gibbs
  • Minal Singh



  • Vikram Shirsat (captain)
  • Tarun Sohal
  • Sahaj Putcha
  • Taylor Pomeroy
  • Jason Zhu
  • Eran Naveh
  • Rintaro Fukuda
  • Foster Bensing
  • Matteo Muscettola
  • Joseph Chu
  • Ian Hsiao
  • Miles Navarra
  • Reid Skidmore
  • Alon Katz


  • Pranali Kasturi (captain)
  • Tara Sohal
  • Ashley Pae
  • Pamela Bhatta
  • Era Goel
  • Hila Zohar
  • Margo Thornton
  • Lanie Schwartz
  • Audrey Devera
  • Hannah Mok
  • Becca Wong
  • Roni Lapede
  • Lauren Demele
  • Lindsey Takahashi

Kasturi teaches a Raas routine, a traditional Indian dance that uses wooden sticks, to three girls. This year, Raas is a girl’s only dance team.

Captain Pranali Kasturi leads the same Windian routine.

Captain Vikram Shirsat teaches a Windian routine for tryouts. Windian tryouts are exclusively for seniors.

Students mimic Katsuri and Shirsat in the Windian routine.

Kasturi dances with the wooden sticks that Raas is known for.

Seniors slide gracefully during Windian tryouts.

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