Animal Welfare Club hosts guest speaker

Their last meeting of the semester informs club members on future veterinary careers

By Gianella Ordoñez

Animal Welfare Club (AWC) hosted guest speaker Dr. Denise Johnsen from Adobe Animal Hospital on Dec. 1 at their last meeting of the semester.

The officers and members learned about the role of a veterinarian in an animal hospital.

AWC end the semester with an informative meeting and look forward to the future of the club. Photo Courtesy of Helen Wang.

Johnsen said, she specializes in working with small animals, and informed the club of the different pathways one can take to become a veterinarian and also shared her experience at veterinary school and finding a job.

“Once you get into vet school you’ll find that there’s a variety of jobs,” Johnsen said.

Johnson said she gained experience working with animals by volunteering in high school and joining a pre-veterinary club in college. She also emphasized the importance of finding the right people to work with.

“Connections can be really important,” Johnsen said.  “[Figuring] out who might be a good person to work with … can be a great reference for you when trying to get into whatever program you want to get into.”

Johnsen said her favorite part about working at Adobe Animal Hospital is talking to pet owners that come in and hearing their pet stories.

President and senior Natalie Tarn said she thought the guest speaker was helpful for members in the club that are looking to enter the veterinary workforce.

“[Listening to the guest speaker] gives them an opportunity to become a vet and know what to do,” Tarn said.

Vice President and sophomore Gabrielle Darisme said she agreed with Tarn on the importance of  aspiring veterinarians to receive more insight on the career. Darisme said it is important for members to know what a veterinary career entails before going to college, and seeing the daily life of working in a veterinary hospital.

This opportunity also helped the officers of AWC reflect on what they want to do in the future involving animal welfare.

Tarn and AWC Activities Director Catherine Cho said that they are both hoping to pursue a career that involves working with animals, either domestically or in the wilderness.

The officers also explained why they are passionate about the topic of animal welfare.

“I think it’s important to advocate for these issues because animal welfare isn’t something usually discussed,” Secretary Treasurer Helen Wang said.  

AWC is looking forward to hosting more events next year, including volunteer opportunities and fundraisers to raise money for animal charities affected by the recent natural disasters, Wang said.