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The newest addition to the boba community

Mr. Green Bubble surpasses expectations

The cafe provides a welcoming and clean environment.

The cafe provides a welcoming and clean environment.

Photo by Tara Sohal

Photo by Tara Sohal

The cafe provides a welcoming and clean environment.

By Tara Sohal

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Surprise surprise, another shop was added to the chain of bubble tea establishments around the Silicon Valley.

Mr. Green Bubble, a restaurant specializing in boba tea, held their soft opening on Dec. 1 in their location of the Westmoor Village Shopping Center.

The interior of the cafe has a trendy environment with a light atmosphere. The store is overall completed with an aesthetically pleasing layout,  clean looking decor, a clear space to the order line and plenty of seating options including two comfortable large swinging chairs open to all customers.

Additionally, the products of Mr. Green Bubble extend to larger categories than bubble tea. Their menu offers a variety of ice cream, coffee, smoothies and other snacks, enabling the chain to appeal to more people.

Customers are given the option to modify the sweetness and ice level of any tea. This small ability to customize my drink gave me a sense of control and reassurance of the product I was purchasing.

The overall customer service was adequate, as employees were polite and offered me multiple samples.

This cafe is a must for a hangout with friends, family or just a quick boba tea run.

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