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Figura Episode 2: The Spooky Special

A recap of the creative costumes see on campus.

By Eden Pollitt and Claire Torii

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About the Writers
Eden Pollitt, Senior Design Editor
Eden Pollitt is a senior and a returning Epitaph journalist and first-year Senior Design Editor. Literature, writing, and history have always been her strongest subjects in school. These subjects are what led Eden to join the Epitaph. She is passionate about soccer and hopes to play in college. Eden is president of Women’s Empowerment Ambassadors...
Claire Torii, Senior Multimedia Editor
Claire is the Senior Multimedia Editor and this is her second year on the Epitaph staff. She was born in Palo Alto, but has been living in Sunnyvale for almost 15 years. She is half French and half Japanese-American, and is fluent in French. In her junior year, Claire is a leader for the HOP...
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