New teachers express their passions (Part 1)


 flood of new teachers have joined the faculty this school year, some of whom have always had a passion for teaching, while others have previously dreamed of being a rockstar.

New teachers Jason Barbeau and Justina Arvanitakis teach math together in L114. Their subjects range from Algebra 1, geometry, resource math and a learning skills class.

Arvanitakis had previously taught at HHS for two years before leaving, but decided to return this year, she said. Barbeau said he has also had the opportunity to teach at other schools in the district.

Upon coming to HHS this year, the two teachers already have formed a specific method for helping students succeed outside of school.

“We try to introduce material, practice with the students and then slowly take away the scaffolding for the students,” Arvanitakis said. “We are adding a lot of interactive activities where the kids can get up and move around, and [we] try to bring in the real world situations and connections to the material.”

Both Barbeau and Arvanitakis have expressed the importance of really connecting with their students and letting them know that their teachers care about them. Through their interactive activities, they’re able to see exactly who in their class is struggling. This allows them to help each student individually rather than as a whole, where the possibility of a student misunderstanding the material is more likely.

“[The best part of teaching] is developing relationships with students, and becoming a role model,” Barbeau said. “your ability to connect to students [is what makes you a good teacher].”

Check in for more about our new teachers this week!