Freshman, sophomore classes hold movie night

Second-ever movie night brought about by popular demand


Photo by Jack Xu

“It seemed like a good idea to spend time with friends [at the movie night],” Saaketh Kanduri (9) said.

By Emily Chung

The officers of the classes of 2021 and 2022 hosted HHS’s  second movie night on March 22 in the field house, allowing students  to come watch “Incredibles 2” and enjoy Chipotle, T-pumps and other snacks.

Each year the sophomore class and the freshman class host a Spring Fling event, and this year the officers voted on having a movie night, based on popular demand, Martin Wu, freshman class president said. This year, the movie night was open to the whole district, so more people could come.

“[The] movie night gives us the ability to reach all audience of people and give everyone a chance to participate in something that is social,” Wu said.

Last year, the movie played at the event was “Shrek,” which was well-received, leading class officers to continue with the animation trend.

“We want our events to cater to the widest audience possible while also being something that is fun and exciting,” Wu said.

The officers brainstormed movies that would be suitable to show and wanted one that not everyone had watched before. Ultimately, they settled on “Incredibles 2” for its ability to appeal to a wide range of students, Wu said.

Officers did extensive promotions, using various forms of social media and even using the library’s wallpaper to promote the movie.

Apart from playing the movie, the officers sold Chipotle and T-pumps for $5 at the event.

“We definitely want[ed] to maximize the profit because the money that came from the movie night directly goes to the freshman and sophomore class to fund for future events,” Wu said.

During the event, a number of people showed up to watch the movie and spend time with friends.

“I wanted to come to the movie night because I have a couple of friends that are in leadership and it would be a really fun event,” sophomore Sahiti Kadiyala said. “Also, I saw it in a lot of places on social media and [thought] it would be a relaxing event with friends.” 

After the movie night, sophomore class president Rohan Zamvar said that, upon reflection, he would want to improve a more student turnout next time.

“We definitely made a lot of efforts last week,” Zamvar said, “so if we were to improve on something it would probably be extending the publicity out farther, so more people would be aware ahead of time and can make plans.” 

To Zamvar, the best part was seeing so many people turn up to spend time with their friends, he said.

“I enjoyed seeing people that normally would not join events come to the movie night,” Zamvar said.