The components of planning a CSF event

Activities director Emily Cheng explains how she finds, secures events

By Anika Karody


any students know that CSF is a merit-based club that provides students opportunities to gain volunteer hours by doing community service. But, what they might not know is what CSF officers have to do to arrange and secure events.

This year, many of those events are planned by CSF activities director,  junior Emily Cheng.

“To plan an event, I would typically go to a [web]site like VolunteerMatch and look for fun events,” Cheng said.

Some of the events she stays on the lookout for are 5Ks, local library events, or even something holiday-related, Cheng said.

For Cheng, it is vital to stay in contact with the coordinator of an event, and it is her duty to keep in touch with them in order to make sure things run smoothly, she said. 

“I send an email to the adult coordinator introducing myself and asking how many volunteers they need,” Cheng said, “and then I post the event on the CSF website.”

In addition, Cheng said she must also remain in contact with the volunteers who signed up for the event to give them updates and information. This is done by sending follow-up emails to both the volunteers and coordinators helping to keep everyone updated about what is going on.

Though this position may be tiring, especially as a junior, Cheng said she enjoys it.

“CSF event planning is super fun,” she said. “I love finding events and working in liaison with the adult coordinators and volunteers.”