The Epitaph

Letter to the Editor: principal responds to staff Editorial

Principal responds to Staff Editorial in Dec. 11 issue.

January 24, 2020

Dear Epitaph, I wanted to clarify and correct some of the comments made in your Staff Editorial from the December 11 edition titled “What Will It Take To Turn Your Words Into Action” (page 4).  Your column made it sound as if nothing has happened to increase or improve safety, but in reality, here are some of the things that have been done and are b...

China trade war impacts

By Nika Bondar

December 13, 2019

T he infamous tariff tug-of-war between the U.S. and China debilitated global economy growth, with IHS Markit Global Link Model projecting the years of  2019 and 2020 as being only two percent away from a world recession threshold. This childish battle thoughtfully initiated by our current presi...

The myth of a clean-shaven look

Women have been raised with the belief that they should have perfectly hairless bodies. Now, things are changing.

By Anika Karody

December 11, 2019

W henever a girl wants to take a stroll in a pair of shorts, she might look down and question: How do my legs look? Are they hairless? When a girl has to attend an event, she may spend time plucking her eyebrows in order to ensure that all the traces of that unibrow are gone. As for sleeveless clothi...

Protect the Parks: act now, or forever hold your peace

Stop saying “I will” and start saying “I am”

By Jane Park

November 20, 2019

M any argue that they care about the environment, and insist that we need to take action. But rarely do I see people take measures against climate change.  Holding our government accountable is ultimately one of the best ways we as American citizens can impact the future of our planet....

Twitter’s political ads ban limits freedom of expression

By Naomi Baron

November 19, 2019

According to New York Times, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted on Oct. 30 that Twitter will no longer allow political advertisements of any kind on their social media site. While Twitter’s intentions with the newest censorship do include some rational thinking, like limiting fake news, this ban limit...

The modern renaissance

The modern renaissance

By Nika Bondar

October 23, 2019

Greta Thunberg. Emma Gonzales. Malala Yousafzai. Their generation continues to inspire millions, making Generation Z the strongest driving force of the modern renaissance. McKinsey and Company concludes that Generation Z is setting the foundation for a society with higher moral and ethical standards by protesting ag...

As AirPod dangers surface, better to be safe than sorry

A new study reveals that AirPods may cause neurological damage and potentially lead to cancer with long-term use.

By Naomi Baron

October 23, 2019

T he hottest device on the market recently are AirPods. AirPods are wireless bluetooth earphones released in 2016 by Apple. Sure, wired earphones are cool, but these wireless bluetooth earphones are hitting home for Apple as the company sold 35 million AirPods in 2018 alone, with the product bein...

Protect the Parks: the insignificance of small-scale actions

Protect the Parks: the insignificance of small-scale actions

By Jane Park

October 22, 2019

F rom reusable metal straws to websites that plant trees every time you use their browser, sustainability has grown ever-more popular. However, people should be wary of the trendy ways to be sustainable, as these initiatives are often unproductive.  Ecosia, for example, is a free search exten...

As marijuana stigma drops, addiction rates will rise

California has openly embraced the legalization of marijuana through the use of ads and billboards; is federal legalization next?

By Leila Salam

October 22, 2019

W ith the 2020 presidential campaigns fully underway, each candidate is showcasing their brand-new shiny policy plans. Some of the most controversial plans concern federal legalization of marijuana. While there are many benefits to legalization, we should not forget: marijuana is a drug. Just like a...

The Impatient Patient: New set of problems arise in AP Exam changes

By Renee Wang

October 22, 2019

I t’s finally fall. Pumpkin spice, Halloween and … AP exam season? Starting this year, the College Board, a not-for-profit organization who administers standardized tests like the SAT, has made several changes in its AP Exam registration process. One of these changes include the AP Classroo...

Now it’s our turn

By Sahil Venkatesan

October 21, 2019

It is time to rise.  Our predecessors have failed us and it is now our responsibility to save the world.  We cannot idly sit back and hope our government will solve one of the most prevalent issues of our generation: global warming.     Despite the fact that global warming is affecting our lives right now, the Trump ad...

Social justice clubs act as distributors of information

Social justice clubs play an important role in bringing attention to issues that groups of students face.

By Dexter Tatsukawa

September 30, 2019

Social justice clubs are an important part of bringing attention to the inequality in the world and the specific groups of students facing challenges in their lives especially when such students may be lacking available resources. Even those not experiencing inequality are aided by these clubs as they pro...