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Homestead High School's student newspaper

The Epitaph

Homestead High School's student newspaper

The Epitaph

“Making the tensegrity bench was hard,” AP physics C student, junior Michelle Kuan said. “We struggled on the precision and it also didn’t hold our teammate’s weight, which broke it.” (Photo courtesy of Nathan Jeon)

Students wrap up AP season with final projects

By Nathan Gu June 1, 2023

With AP tests ending on May 19, many AP science classes across campus are finishing off the rest of the year with a final project, junior Michelle Kuan said. These projects are meant to allow students...

Art to me is freedom of expression, a way of being heard when you are in your feels or had a bad day.

Using art as a form of self-expression

By Gabriela Salazar November 19, 2022

Art is a gateway into a world of vast colors and shapes that can be altered with something as simple as a pencil and imagination.  Whether it is a gift or a self-taught talent, artists find inspiration...

Despite mostly appealing to experienced artists, art club provides a variety of activities that may help members with varying backgrounds practice their artistic skills, Song said.

A club for all

By Patrick Hao November 8, 2022

Clubs at our school are very much a reflection of the technology hub we live in, with a diverse selection of STEM clubs ranging from pure sciences to engineering-based clubs, such as robotics. However,...

Work in progress: The first class project was challenging to complete, but ultimately was a lesson in patience and self-control.

The Daydreamer

By Karuna Chandran April 12, 2022

While stepping into the Art 1 classroom on the first day of school, it took a second for me to take in my surroundings. The wonderful chaos of it all and me right in the center. I did not know quite what...

School looks very different from what it used to be six months ago, as online learning brings its own set of challenges.

Teachers rise with creativity in the face of adversity

The pandemic has changed the way education works, moving the focus from in-person instruction to online learning. Because of this, teachers have needed to do plenty of restructuring, both in terms of curriculum...

TikTok is known for its whirlwind of viral challenges, trending dances and humorous comedy skits.

Wildly popular TikTok app faces potential ban

By Macy Li August 19, 2020

Over the past few years, teens from all across the world have fallen in love with TikTok, an app that has redefined internet culture and social interaction among Generation Z.  TikTok is known for...

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