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Many corporations are corrupting a sustainable future by deceiving consumers into thinking they are saving the environment.

The truth behind greenwashing

By Ella Chan February 7, 2023

One of the first things I do today when buying an item is look at its packaging to see if it's “clean” or eco-friendly, with extra points if it’s made from recycled materials. When customers buy...

Eco-friendly tips

By Macy Li December 4, 2022

By creating my own sustainable sense of style, I was able to improve my self-image and confidence.

A beginner’s guide to sustainable fashion

By Karuna Chandran October 28, 2022

Intro Trying to be a more sustainable consumer is a lofty goal. It often feels overwhelming, like there are just too many factors to keep track of at once. I decided that one of my primary areas of...

Celebrating Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day

By Madhavi Karthik April 21, 2021

Click the image to check out The Epitaph’s tips to celebrate Earth Day  

Staying sustainable through the holidays

By Amber Birrell December 6, 2020

Choosing sustainable products is important for our environment; here are some sustainable gift ideas for the upcoming holidays. Click this link to find how you can help the enviornment this season!

These reusable items keep you at home and safe during a time when shopping is becoming inaccessible.

Protect the Parks: Zero-waste substitutes to prevent time-consuming shopping

By Jane Park April 11, 2020

[embedyt][/embedyt] With the shelter-in-place order being strictly enforced by most of California, citizens are ordered to stay at home except for completing...

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