The Epitaph

Girl plays ‘boy’ sport: Eden Ovadia paves the way for women in football

Ovadia is able to hold a sense of anonymity on the team, as players’ genders are indistinguishable in their football uniform.

By Sara Shohoud

October 30, 2019

H omestead has made history. Senior Eden Ovadia is the first female to play on the boys varsity football team for two seasons, playing as a wide receiver and free safety. Ovadia was able to try out for the team with the help of her teacher, she said. “One of my teachers was the [football] co...

Quality over quantity: 14 girls proves to be more than enough

The girls cross country team stands side by side, knowing that their strengths are more than their numbers.

By Melody Chen

October 30, 2019

T he HHS cross country team only has 14 girls this season compared with 44 boys on the team. The low female turnout only makes the girls push harder to secure CCS championships after breaking the 4-year streak last season, senior and co-captain Melissa Chen said. “We definitely feel like [...