‘Uncharted’: an adventurous take on the video game

The film “Uncharted” is an adaptation of the popular video game series and was released on Feb. 18. It follows the characters Nathan Drake and Victor “Sully” Sullivan as they travel around the world on their adventure of solving historical mysteries in order to find hidden treasures.

The steady comedy throughout the movie made it entertaining and funny; it also added to the relationship between Nathan and Sully. The amusing moments added a good balance to the action in the film as well.

The action scenes added to the feeling of the characters going on a dangerous adventure, which was enjoyable. The fight scenes weren’t limited and were across different locations. Nathan and Sully both had their own enemies they had to fight due to their backgrounds which added a sense of mystery because the connections between them weren’t revealed right away. Due to the element of mystery, it kept me guessing about their backgrounds.

A MEDIOCRE WATCH: “Uncharted” fails to deliver a fresh take. (Photo courtesy of ING)


Although the film was a fun watch, the storyline was pretty ordinary and wasn’t very different from other action films. It was predictable and lacked suspense;  however, the plot twists of characters constantly turning on each other were different from ones seen on films before. As for the storyline, the plot of Nathan trying to find the treasure and his brother wasn’t anything that hasn’t been done before which was disappointing as adding another plotline or additional characters could have enhanced the movie further.

The film tried making a strong connection between Nathan and his brother Sam, but it was hard to care because the development between their relationship seemed rushed. Sam was easy to forget about and I only remembered him when Nathan or Sully mentioned him. Some of the dialogue between Nathan and Sully was cheesy, which took away from the intense action of the movie. 

Apart from Nathan and Sully, the other characters in the movie like Chloe and Jo didn’t add much to the film. They had lots of plot twists that started off interesting but became repetitive and predictable because it was repeated to the point of redundancy and boredom. 

Even with the predictable and basic storyline, “Uncharted” was a fun watch and I would recommend this to fans of the video game as it accurately portrays the video game in a vivid, but ridiculously underwhelming way.