The Daydreamer

Finding a true life passion is not an easily achievable task. It is also not one that immediately came to me. 

I have always been a relentless planner, wanting everything in my life to either be resolved or accounted for. That is, except for my career.

DISCOVERING MY PASSION: In order to be able to find out what mattered to me, I had to experiment and try new things. (Photo by Karuna Chandran)

For the longest time, I knew I wanted to be a veterinarian because I had always loved animals, but I soon realized I did not have the heart to relay difficult diagnoses and I would end up far too attached to my patients. Also, not to mention that I did not really want to be confined to a clinic since I have always  envisioned myself seeing species in their natural habitats.

Throughout middle school, I felt this persistent desire to figure my life out, so instead of doing what I was actually tasked with accomplishing, I found myself falling into internet rabbit holes on job advising websites or watching career videos to give myself some sense of direction. It drove me insane that I no longer had a plan and that when I envisioned who I would be someday, all I could see was a blurry image of myself.

But one day, I realized the process was so difficult because I was limiting myself to one career track and therefore blinding myself to the endless possibilities accompanying experimentation and opening myself to the world. Once I accepted the unknown, I was able to figure out my values and what I really loved. I came to the conclusion I did want to work with animals, but I cared more about ecological relationships and building connections with the surroundings.

From there, I realized that being an environmental scientist felt so much more natural to me. However, I was also able to acknowledge that my current plan was not an indicator, nor was it set in stone. I may end up somewhere completely different or I may have figured out my true passion after all.