Letter to the editor: response to “An easy hack”

School-wide voting security precautions are necessary

Dear Editor,

I am in total agreement with the article “An easy hack,” in terms of the issue it mentions about student voting security. It never occurred to me that all a student needs to vote in a school-based election is their (or someone else’s) ID number. I for one have not voted in the recent elections for Homecoming King and Queen, or the name of the new Mustang statue.

However, I am now questioning whether any of my close friends who know my ID number, or and of the club officers who I gave my ID number to used my ID number in those election.s It may certainly be unlikely, but just the thought of someone being able to do so worries me.

When a student hypothetically uses another student’s ID number to vote in an election. they would not only tinker with the voting system, but also deprive other students of their right to vote. This would also give an inaccurate representation of the actual opinions of the student voters, as one student can easily determine how another student votes.

To prevent the unethical events that may occur from a lack of voting security, I do believe that our school should boost its voting security system.

Just like how schoollooop and Naviance have their own, unique usernames and passwords for every student, the portal to login to vote in elections should also have these extra precautions.

Despite the inconvenience and troublesome shortcomings that the extra security precautions may present, it is vital to our school community that every student have equal representation in elections, as well as an equal opportunity to vote.

-Kannon Salvucci (12)