New Freeform show, Shadowhunters, is not living up to the hype


Promotional poster capturing the varied supernatural characters in Shadowhunters.

Photo Courtesy of E

Promotional poster capturing the varied supernatural characters in “Shadowhunters”. Photo Courtesy of E

By Yunqi Deng

The new television adaptation of “Shadowhunters” is disappointingly preposterous when compared to Cassandra Clare’s “Mortal Instruments” fantasy novels. The show simply cannot compare to the phenomenal cinematography of the movie “Mortal Instruments: City of Bones,” adapted from the first book, “City of Bones” from the Mortal Instrument series.

There are inconsistencies between the book and the show, which changes the perception initially received in the books. Jace Lightwood, one of the main characters, is suppose to be 17 at the beginning of the book series, but the actor Matthew Daddario is already 28 and doesn’t look like the teenager he is supposed to be.

The characters are portrayed in a way completely counter to the books. Clary is whiny and complains about everything while the books portrayed her as strong and independent. Simon is no longer the beloved nerdy best friend the readers love, but instead obnoxious and disdainful.

The immaturity of the actors changes the baseline of the story to teenage drama without the type of interpersonal relationship the characters have in the books.

On the bright side, the producers did, however, match the book’s description of Clary’s iconic red hair.

Portals, a way of traveling in the Shadowhunters’ world, are limited in specific location yet are an object with significant importance in the books. In the show, portals can be created out of thin air. This inconsistency further divorces the show from its novel inspiration, which alters the initial reactions of fans when they read the books.

As a devoted fan since the start of the novel series, the changes in the plot line feel like a violation of the fandom.

After watching the second episode of the series, it’s quite disappointing to see how much they changed the plot and the Shadowhunter world. In the book, Shadowhunters are not technologically innovative, but in the show there is lots of technology that was not mentioned in the books.

This show is a great series for someone who has not read the books, but not as suitable for the passionate readers.