Striking out the competition

A look into the softball team’s upcoming season


Junior Nancy Liu steps up to the plate. Photo courtesy of HHS Athletic Boosters

By Aayush Singh

The softball team is marching into their upcoming season. After an excellent run last season, the team is optimistic about the one ahead this 

“I am proud of how far we made it [last season],” senior Nicky Kirk, who has been on the varsity team since sophomore year, said.

The team suffered a defeat in the second round of CCS last season due to key players being injured, Senior Rachelle Cepeda said, who was also injured in that period.

Many JV team players moved up last season. “We had a lot of players moving up from JV last year… we did well with coping and adapting to changes,” Kirk said.

The team players’ understanding of each other was their strength last season.

“A lot of us have played together in our competitive teams,” Cepeda said. “We knew what each other needed. We understood like what we had to do to help each other and pick up your teammates when we needed to.”

Breaking small habits like “dropping your shoulder when you swing,” as Kirk said, was an area that needed improvement last season.

Three seniors from last year have now graduated, but despite the former seniors’ absence, the starting lineup remains mostly the same for this season.

“I am pretty optimistic about the [coming] season… we have a lot of the same starting lineup as last year,” Cepeda said.

As there has been less change in the team, the players’ understanding of each other will be a strength in the coming games.

“We are all pretty close, so whether we are in a slump or not, we will be able to pick each other up or help each other,” Kirk said.