Letter to the Editor: the California drought

An interpretation of California’s water situation through a student’s painting

Letter to the Editor: the California drought

The drought has been going on for four years and we can see the effect it has had on the Californian landscape. The lush green landscape has been slowly turning brown.

The painting above shows the effects of the drought through an eye. The eye is a symbol of truth and a pathway to the soul, the picture is showing how the effects of the drought are truly effecting California.

Even though there has been recent rainfall and we can see green around us, it is not enough to end the drought and is only temporary.

The far left of the eye that is the white of the eye represent the water we have in California. The left half of the iris represent the greenery that California used to have and might still have in some places because of recent rainfall.

The brown in the iris represents how the greenness is going away and how all the plants are drying up as an effect of the drought.

Lastly the far right of the eye is the dried up water that is the effect of the drought. The drought is still a big issue, even though we have had recent rainfall and El Nino, the rain isn’t enough to take us out of this drought.