Sports teams top district

Athletics take honorary top of district totem pole

By Rachel Hildebrand

After a year of successful seasons in the pool, in the stadium, at the field and on the courts, the athletics department has reached the top spot on FUHSD’s totem pole which is displayed in the district office.

To determine ranks, points are given to each team in accordance with the rigor of their league. The A-league, De Anza, awards between 14 to 8 points with the first place team being awarded maximum points. The B-league, El Camino, awards between 7 to 1 points, while neutral divisions get 7 to 1 points multiplied by .5 points.

HHS earned 229 points for all three seasons, while MVHS trailed with 199.5, CHS with 177, LHS with 144.5,  and FHS with 108. The Sunnyvale High School Jets, which retired when the school closed 1981, have held the bottom spot of the totem pole with 0 points since its closure.

Athletic Director Lisa Nakamatsu said she credits all involved in the athletics department for the success.

“We’ve got some great kids and great coaches, and we’re blooming,” Nakamatsu said.

Many teams are in the El Camino league, including 10 of the 11 spring sports, which Nakamatsu said bolstered the points. Softball, girls basketball and water polo finished first in their leagues and were awarded 5 or 2.5 points depending on whether they were in the A or B league.

“I think we have really good coaches and the students really care about it and have dedicated themselves,” junior and varsity track athlete Ritwik Dixit said.

The totem pole is displayed with each schools’ mascots at the district office and updated every year. Nakamatsu said HHS surpassed MVHS, who was on top last year.