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Homestead High School's student newspaper

The Epitaph

Homestead High School's student newspaper

The Epitaph

Shaurya Prayag crafts dog toys during the Key Club and animal welfare collaboration event.

POV: From community service to self-discovery

By Aviv Matas October 2, 2023

For me, knowing who I am and who I want to be is difficult. I am young and awkward, and there are a lot of things I do not know. So, when I found a passion for working with kids in education by doing community...

My first time acting outside of school was during drama clubs first murder mystery, where I played Wyleen Black, a reporter for the tabloid newspaper, investigating the affairs of the north and south gangs of Chicago in the roaring 20s. (Photo courtesy of Yenting Lin)

POV: From the eyes of a theater student

By Gabriela Salazar May 22, 2023

In my freshman year, I had the choice of choosing between ceramics or drama for an elective, and I was placed in drama. I was nervous at the idea of performing on stage in front of strangers for the first...

The last day of attending Samoa College was hard for me as I had just became close with my relatives, but I am grateful for the experience.

POV: Journey to Acceptance

By Hope Saena March 18, 2021

I t’s odd to say, but the pandemic has strengthened my connection to my Samoan culture more than ever before.  My journey into connecting with my roots began March of last year, when my grandfather...

From my POV: life through rose-colored glasses

From my POV: life through rose-colored glasses

By Shreya Partha February 14, 2021

I like to think of myself as a realistic person — I see the situation as it is. I bring an umbrella when the skies look threatening, put on a seatbelt while in the car, weigh the pros and cons of each...

From my POV: Family is never lost

From my POV: Family is never lost

By Elaine Huang April 29, 2020

Family is most commonly defined as a group of people united by the ties of marriage, blood or adoption. When one talks about their family, it usually consists of their spouse, parents, children or siblings....

From my POV: Dear quiet people

By Hana Baig May 30, 2019

Quiet people are quiet for different reasons. Some people suffer from anxiety that lead to their unconsented stifled voice. Some simply may not desire to talk. Others are somewhere in between, a blend...

The incurable disease of senioritis

By Tanner Leone May 2, 2018

T here reaches a point in every teen’s life when one realizes their high school is ending. This is called senioritis, and it might as well be an actual, clinical disease. The early symptoms seem...

From my POV: Rose Parade

By Leiyonee Bosé January 17, 2018

Hearts racing, we waited on the streets in the cold. In just a few minutes, we would step onto Colorado Boulevard. Waiting for us would be thousands of pedestrians and millions of viewers watching from...

The moon covers the sun as totality nears in solar eclipse

From my POV: The Great American Eclipse

By Kira Garlick August 22, 2017

I traveled a round trip of 1,575 miles in four days to see two minutes of total darkness in late August, for the first total solar eclipse in America since 1918. And I almost didn’t go. Don’t get...

APES students get a tour of SMaRT facility

From my POV: Down in the dumps

By Kira Garlick March 25, 2017

I nstead of going to class this morning, I saw a herd of goats grazing peacefully on a hill. It may have seemed cute, but the grassy hillside was covering something people don’t normally think about:...

From my POV: Building an iPhone Game

From my POV: Building an iPhone Game

By Andrew Zhou November 6, 2016

When you tell people you’ve built and launched a game onto the App Store, you’re often associated with the words “nerd” or “geek.” But, in reality, there’s so much more to being a iPhone...

From my POV: Being adopted in the Silicon Valley

By Indira Cockerill October 13, 2016

  When you think of ‘minority,’ think of me. People associate the word ‘minority’ with being from a foreign country or of an uncommon race. What people do not take into consideration...

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