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The Epitaph

Homestead High School's student newspaper

The Epitaph

Homestead High School's student newspaper

The Epitaph

Bark without bite: Future efforts to address climate change should focus on lasting policy advancements instead of destructive symbolic gestures

Vandalism is not activism

By Keshav Kumar November 28, 2022

Activism is one of our most powerful tools to change the world for the better. It can be helpful to disrupt the status quo in order to draw attention to an issue. However, there is a fine line between...

Art to me is freedom of expression, a way of being heard when you are in your feels or had a bad day.

Using art as a form of self-expression

By Gabriela Salazar November 19, 2022

Art is a gateway into a world of vast colors and shapes that can be altered with something as simple as a pencil and imagination.  Whether it is a gift or a self-taught talent, artists find inspiration...

Despite mostly appealing to experienced artists, art club provides a variety of activities that may help members with varying backgrounds practice their artistic skills, Song said.

A club for all

By Patrick Hao November 8, 2022

Clubs at our school are very much a reflection of the technology hub we live in, with a diverse selection of STEM clubs ranging from pure sciences to engineering-based clubs, such as robotics. However,...

At a crossroad: choosing passion over practicality will impact my studies, career and life.

The high flyer: choosing between passion and practicality

By Erin Loh December 20, 2020

I took Java freshman year.  Props to my indecisiveness, choosing Java was the result of a long process of weighing pros and cons, and comparing it with other electives like Art, Writing for Publication...

How to set up a bullet journal

How to set up a bullet journal

By Sara Shohoud May 5, 2020

The boredom of quarantine has gotten to me. I have been passing time binge-watching Netflix shows and staying up for hours on end watching mediocre TikToks. I realized that I wanted to use this free time...

Katie Schiltz instructs her ceramics class.

Art department requires show attendance

By Rachel Hildebrand, Editor-In-Chief October 13, 2015

A s 3D-Design teacher Clare Dee sat in the nearly empty auditorium during a play she was chaperoning, she said she could not help but think of the packed bleachers and energetic crowd of the football...

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