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The Epitaph

“Making the tensegrity bench was hard,” AP physics C student, junior Michelle Kuan said. “We struggled on the precision and it also didn’t hold our teammate’s weight, which broke it.” (Photo courtesy of Nathan Jeon)

Students wrap up AP season with final projects

By Nathan Gu June 1, 2023

With AP tests ending on May 19, many AP science classes across campus are finishing off the rest of the year with a final project, junior Michelle Kuan said. These projects are meant to allow students...

Samuel Fung works with students in his AP chemistry class on an experiment related to batteries.

Chasing passions: AP chemistry teacher researches lithium ion batteries

By Nathan Gu May 30, 2023

Walking into the lab, thumps of the mortar and pestle pounding battery paste fill the room. After putting the lithium-ion battery into the discharge machine, tiny red lights illuminate along a row, each...

DEEPENING SCIENTIFIC UNDERSTANDING: New “Science and Society” course expands the scope of learning by connecting scientific disciplines with societal phenomenons.

Intersectionality between science and our community

By Olivia Shen April 17, 2022

Previously, freshmen have been limited to choosing between two courses – Physics and Chemistry – for their sophomore science class. Now, their science options, along with everyone else’s, are expanding,...

Physics class helps students build meaningful connections, explore vital concepts

By Olivia Shen March 14, 2022

During the springtime, all students excluding seniors undergo the process of course selection. Similar to my peers, when I was a freshman, I had the option of choosing my science class: physics or chemistry.  Like...

Students in AP Physics 1 perform a lab to learn about collisions and momentum.

Labs and COVID-19: the impact on student learning

By Naomi Baron and Olivia Shen December 14, 2021

During the shift to online learning, COVID-19 forced science teachers to shift gears and alter the way that they teach science. Many facets of education were heavily impacted, science included, chemistry...

HHS CRIBS: Maker Space

By Miya Liu April 28, 2021

Richard Porticos gives a tour of his room, home to tools and equipment that promote creativity and innovation.

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