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KNOWING TWO LANGUAGES: the pros and cons of being bilingual.

Hidden aspects of being bilingual

By Chloe Wong May 4, 2022

Language is the doorway to the vast world of culture, expression and communication. Those who are bilingual get to explore twice as much of that vast world, but with it comes some unexpected experiences....

Self-learning through club: Junior Arielle Turullols has learned about her background by being apart of Spanish club.

Passing on the Knowledge: Spanish club president works to bring a sense of community

When junior Arielle Turullols joined the Spanish club, also known as the Spanish National Honor Society for students in Spanish 3 or higher, she did not realize how much she would learn about herself and...

The Daydreamer

By Karuna Chandran October 27, 2021

My name is Karuna Chandran. It's a statement that is refreshing and simply therapeutic to say.  Most people, myself included, pronounce my first name the Americanized way: [kah-roo-nah]. It is simple,...

Multicultural week is reformed for a virtual medium

Multicultural week is reformed for a virtual medium

By Ariana Tejeda Moreno March 23, 2021

In previous years, Homestead’s Multicultural Week, planned by ASB’s EL (English Learner) commissioners, included activities and performances from cultural clubs as well as a fashion show where students...

With limited options ethinc clubs are improvising new methods to attract student participation

Ethnic clubs struggling to engage with students

By Xochitl Neely and Ashley Orozco November 4, 2020

Keeping students connected has been one of the biggest obstacles during online learning. While clubs give students the opportunity to see and talk to Kther students, they still face a set of problems regarding...

MEMES IN MEDIA: Many issuing topics in the news media such as COVID-19 aren’t taken seriously due to joke making and disrespectful remarks.

Memes represent gateways to humor, toxicity in modern culture

By Nitya Kashyap and Yukari E. Zapata April 25, 2020

Memes: one of the most used forms of communication and expression for students, according to The Student View. Memes can be used in many forms of communication as well as an expression of thoughts...

13-year-old tradition allows students to learn about various cultures, ethnicities through performances and booths.

Multicultural night showcases campus diversity

By Anika Karody February 25, 2020

Multicultural night showcases the diversity and cultures of students and staff through performances, cultural food and a fashion show. This year, the event was held in the cafeteria on Friday, Feb. 7 from...

Japanese teacher Junko Birdsong celebrates both Christmas and Kwanzaa, sharing new and old holiday traditions with her husband, Khalid, and daughter, Amina.

Japanese teacher celebrates multiple holiday traditions

By Miya Liu December 18, 2019

F or Japanese teacher Junko Birdsong, as her homes transformed over the years, so did her holidays. As a child in Osaka, Japan, Birdsong said she would wake up annually to find a small present...

Señor Yale has visited 38 different countries and has lived in 4.

From high school Spanish learner to high school Spanish teacher

By Miya Liu November 8, 2019

Our new  Spanish teacher, Señor Matthew Yale, said he instantly connected to Spanish when he learned it in high school.  “I wanted to be serious about it because learning the language is the real...

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