The Epitaph

Memes represent gateways to humor, toxicity in modern culture

MEMES IN MEDIA: Many issuing topics in the news media such as COVID-19 aren’t taken seriously due to joke making and disrespectful remarks.

By Nitya Kashyap and Yukari E. Zapata

April 25, 2020

Memes: one of the most used forms of communication and expression for students, according to The Student View. Memes can be used in many forms of communication as well as an expression of thoughts and emotions.  For example when friend groups, friends or classmates are talking about a funny ...

Multicultural night showcases campus diversity

13-year-old tradition allows students to learn about various cultures, ethnicities through performances and booths.

By Anika Karody

February 25, 2020

Multicultural night showcases the diversity and cultures of students and staff through performances, cultural food and a fashion show. This year, the event was held in the cafeteria on Friday, Feb. 7 from 6 to 8 p.m. Attendees were charged an entrance fee of $3 with ASB and $5 without. “[It’s] ...

Japanese teacher celebrates multiple holiday traditions

Japanese teacher Junko Birdsong celebrates both Christmas and Kwanzaa, sharing new and old holiday traditions with her husband, Khalid, and daughter, Amina.

By Miya Liu

December 18, 2019

F or Japanese teacher Junko Birdsong, as her homes transformed over the years, so did her holidays. As a child in Osaka, Japan, Birdsong said she would wake up annually to find a small present from Santa next to her bed, usually containing chocolate from a “western” country.  “To me, it [w...

From high school Spanish learner to high school Spanish teacher

Señor Yale has visited 38 different countries and has lived in 4.

By Miya Liu

November 8, 2019

Our new  Spanish teacher, Señor Matthew Yale, said he instantly connected to Spanish when he learned it in high school.  “I wanted to be serious about it because learning the language is the real passport,” Yale said. Because he is able to fully immerse himself in other Hispanic cultures, he has a de...