The Epitaph

The ‘Old’ Weeknd is back

The mysterious R&B singer produces new album that resembles the dark, sensual sound of his older albums Trilogy and Beauty Behind the Madness. Photo courtesy of iTunes.

By Batool Al-Jabiry

April 12, 2018

The enigmatic R&B singer Abel Tesfaye, or more popularly known as The Weeknd, is notorious for producing songs that have an alluring, soft and sensual sound. His songs carry an abundance of references to sex, drugs and other NSFW topics. He’s also popular for showing a reserved and mysteriou...

Slang Word of the Month: ‘Tea’

English teacher Steve Lavelle mistakes the word ‘tea’ as a verb. Illustration by Avalon Allen.

By Tamar Gilad

April 5, 2018

'Tea.’ A three letter word that was once just a simple hot cup of water with herbs, is now a commonly known slang word referring to gossip. According to Merriam Webster, the word’s popularity and common use is owed to the drag culture. With all of the hustle and bustle in the drag world, there is l...

Indopak club prepares for dance showcase

Sapnay gives Indopak a chance to provide money for charities and spread awareness of Indian and Pakistani culture through dance. Photo courtesy of Nikhil Kulkarni.

By Andrea Sun

March 28, 2018

Indopak is an Indian-Pakistani dance club at HHS. They host many dance events throughout the year and participate in competitions and showcases in the Bay Area. Every year,  Indopak hosts a dance showcase called Sapnay. On top of the six dance teams from Indopak, nearby schools can also partici...

Students march to protest gun violence at nationwide walkout

The walk out continued on after the 17 minutes, as students walked to FHS and to city hall.

By Harley Anderson and Renee Wang

March 18, 2018

"Something needs to be done,” sophomore Ellora Lasker said. Lasker was one of many students who participated in the National School Walkout in the wake of the recurring mass shootings. The nationwide protest, with goals to invoke change in the current gun laws, was slated to last 17 minutes...

Student government, administration honor victims and take steps to improve school safety

“We just hoped that people would be able to see the memorial and be able to understand who these people were, keep their memory going, and not let them be forgotten souls,” Koo said.

By Aarya Gupta

March 14, 2018

Friday, March 9 was dedicated to commemorate the 17 fallen victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, according to an email sent through School Loop. “The subject of the National School Walkout day came up. We wanted to do something that would commemorate the victims and show o...

The Ripple Effect: The political facades of cuddling lambs and shaking hands

Although Forza Italia, the party led by Silvio Berlusconi, is leading a successful right-wing coalition in the Italian general elections, Luigi Di Maio’s Five Star Movement has, by itself, arisen as a challenger. Photo courtesy of NBC.

By Aishwarya Jayadeep

March 7, 2018

So, here we go again. In the vein of Marine Le Pen in France, Geert Wilders in the Netherlands and Frauke Petry in Germany, the Italian general elections on Sunday skewed hard towards populists, the far-right and skepticism aimed at the European Union. Over half of the votes cast, according ...

Class teams assemble for anticipated annual school rivalry

Practices are currently being held as all of the class teams prepare for the competition

By Nicole Fuller and Laurel Schmidt

March 6, 2018

Battle of the Classes is approaching quickly and the teams are in the midst of preparing for the events that this spirit week includes.  The events are powderpuff football games, cheer-offs, dance-offs, and rally events. Each event is a competition between the four classes at HHS. As for prepara...

Speech and Debate attends Stanford Competition

17 HHS students attended the Stanford Invitational for speech and debate.

By Laurel Schmidt and Jacqueline Beaufore

February 28, 2018

Members of the HHS Speech and Debate Club attended a competition at Stanford University Feb. 9-11. 17 students participated in the competition and many of them placed extremely well, club member and junior Govind Menon said. The Stanford Invitational is the largest and one of the most competitive t...

‘Not a bad thing’ to experiment?

Returning to his Memphis roots, Timberlake released “Man of the Woods’ close to his performance at the Super Bowl halftime show.

By Era Goel

February 16, 2018

W hen Justin Timberlake released “The 20/20 Experience” five years ago after great anticipation from fans, the album opened with 968,000 sales and went on to become 2013’s top seller, according to Billboard. For his latest release, “Man of the Woods,” which mingles country vibes with his ...

Bob Peck: teacher, husband, father

Bob Peck is remembered for his wit and connection with students of all types through students and staff at HHS, according to teacher Marjie Fischer.

By Andrea Sun

February 15, 2018

Former FUHSD teacher Bob Peck passed away on Jan. 30 after a battle with cancer. Peck is remembered by students and staff for his humorous personality and ability to connect with students, as well as for volunteering his time to audio and visual related activities in most events on campus. Peck was ...

The Ripple Effect: Where the triple Salchow meets foreign relations

The Olympics offer an insight into the murky waters of international politics.

By Aishwarya Jayadeep

February 7, 2018

If you tune in at the right moment to the right channel this Friday, you’ll be just in time to watch athletes in matching outfits meander along a path. Crowds will roar. National pride will sizzle. International amity will simmer. Now, I’m talking about the opening ceremony of the 2018 PyeongCha...