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Homestead High School's student newspaper

The Epitaph

Homestead High School's student newspaper

The Epitaph

Class warm-ups are a crucial part of learning process

By Varun Vijay Mani December 5, 2023

During the pandemic, toggling between Zoom sessions often meant viewing a grid of pixelated faces and teachers swiftly diving into chemistry one minute and history the next. The constant shift of my attention...

Personal narratives showcase many unique perspectives to English students.

Bringing life to literature

By Amanda Boles September 22, 2023

Diversity in storytelling allows people to get a taste of what the world has to offer. One genre in particular, personal narratives, has much to offer in terms of self-discovery. This genre is prevalent...

Teachers should give back assessments such as tests to students as they are crucial for a student’s education.

Higher-level learning requires giving back tests

By Mackie Vu April 4, 2023

Although tests, essays or any other form of assessment can be stressful to prepare and take for many students, I believe they are essential to our learning and growth since the knowledge I take away from...

With the return of the school year, technology remains constant in the classrooms.

Exploring modern approaches to learning

The sound of students typing away on their laptops. The low hum of the air conditioning in the background as students work diligently on their online assignments. These sounds drift throughout classrooms...

OUTDATED SCIENTIFIC PRACTICES: Schools should not be endorsing the widespread practice of unethical dissections.

Education should not be prioritized over unethical practices

By Olivia Shen February 18, 2022

Dissecting animals is a cumulative aspect in the American scientific experience, and Homestead is no exception. Every year, the physiology department dissects chickens. But the long standing nature of...

LEARNING SHOULD CONTINUE: Due to increased absences, teachers should upload lessons to Schoology while continuing teaching in class.

COVID absences must not disrupt lesson plans

By Naomi Baron January 25, 2022

Missing a day of school, or even simply a single class, can cause a student — especially in a fast-paced AP course — to fall drastically behind while their classmates continue on with the class’s...

Schools in countries like England, France, Israel, Japan, and the United States have been forced to adapt to the situation at hand.

Learning during COVID-19

By Lia Klebanov November 16, 2020

The ongoing pandemic has affected Bay Area schools in many ways, but it has also altered the education of students living in other parts of the world. Osnat Ziv is attending an in-person school in Leeds,...

The brain can do amazing things, but keep in mind that the brain is as strong as you are when it comes to stress.

Home life, online school only pile on to preexisting stress

By Yukari E. Zapata June 15, 2020

For many students, attending school is an anxiety- and stress-filled experience that gets more difficult as assignments and work start piling up.  However, once schools shut down, one main concern was...

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