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Stanley Cup tumblers have become an overnight sensation, but social media has overhyped the product.

Thirst for Stanley Cups is unreasonable

By Brian Ling January 27, 2024

Stanley Cups, more specifically the Stanley Quencher Tumbler, have recently experienced a massive surge in popularity. Videos of this product have gone viral on social media, with the tag “Stanley”...

17-year-old Pagonis wins gold in the Tokyo Paralympics. (Photo from Team USA)

Making waves

By Helen Tam November 1, 2023

In the world of Paralympic swimming, a new 19-year-old sensation Anastasia Pagonis captured the hearts of many with her incredible talent and unyielding determination. Her story is not only one of athletic...

MovieTok captures the magic of the film industry through accessible and engaging videos.

TikTok’s cinematic revolution captivates viewers

By Veronica Zhao October 31, 2023

As the flickering glow of the TV screen illuminates my living room, I find myself lost in the world of cinema. The anticipation of a gripping plot, the power of exceptional performances and the magic of...

Tiktok’s recent popularity among users has degraded the quality of the content produced by the music industry.

Movements in Music: TikTok’s damaging role in the music industry

By Niyatee Jain November 16, 2022

Creators have long used social media to connect with their followers. However, as TikTok becomes more popular, it is clear that its effect on the music industry has caused a significant negative shift...

TikTok is known for its whirlwind of viral challenges, trending dances and humorous comedy skits.

Wildly popular TikTok app faces potential ban

By Macy Li August 19, 2020

Over the past few years, teens from all across the world have fallen in love with TikTok, an app that has redefined internet culture and social interaction among Generation Z.  TikTok is known for...

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