Staying active during quarantine: the future of sports

With the country under lockdown, sports have been seeing a great decline. Stadiums that are usually packed are now completely empty and silent. Professional sports seasons have come to a screeching halt. Even high schools have suspended spring season due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, quarantining can influence individuals’ lifestyles and exercise habits for the worse, making them more prone to unhealthy eating habits and reduced exercise. It can also lead to an increase in boredom and frustration, along with other negative psychological effects, according to The Lancet.

But people are finding ways to stay active and motivated, even though most outdoor activities have been restricted. More and more people are turning to non-contact sports, like tennis, golf and badminton, to practice social-distancing while staying active. 

Meanwhile, in the absence of gyms, home workouts are filling the void. Youtube and Instagram are treasure troves of home workout/yoga tutorials and motivation tips. In fact, the National Center for Biotechnology Information recommends that individuals put in the effort to exercise even while quarantining because exercise has been proven beneficial for both mental and physical well-being.

See Jane Park’s tutorial on the basics of running, also embedded below.

Esports have also been gaining popularity amidst the pandemic, according to The Guardian. Since most outdoor activities have been greatly limited and there are no sports streaming on TV, many are turning to esports to entertain themselves.

Esports are a great way for people to interact with others and have fun while safely quarantining at home. They give individuals the opportunity to socially engage with others and form virtual communities. Watch Bryan Ruiz’s video on E-sports, also embedded below. 

The absence of sports has been challenging for many during these times, so hopefully, the coronavirus pandemic will die down in time so we can go back to living our lives as normal. But until then, try going for a run, creating a home workout routine or playing a video game to pass the time.

Reporter Jane Park shows new runners how to get started and interviews experienced runners on the impact running has on them.

Many activities have had to come to a halt and many events have been canceled due to the shelter-in-place order. However, many people have still been able to maintain communication with each other while staying at home through the use of electronic sports. Electronic sports consist of various events and tournaments that occur online, and many people from Homestead have taken part in these activities. Check out this video by reporter Bryan Ruiz and edited by Miya Liu with more on competing virtually.