ASB Cabinet 2021-2022

Minnie Karki

 Photo courtesy of Minnie Karki

ASB social manager elect, junior Minnie Karki said in a Zoom interview that she is excited to foster school spirit as students begin the transition to in-person school. She said she hopes to have decorations in the quad and other areas where students interact to help bring the campus to life. 

“[Our main goal, as ASB, is to] build a more inclusive community,” Karki said. “Because of distance learning, it has been the hardest for us to still provide things for others to feel like they’re still a part of the school and campus culture.”

Leor Porat

 Photo courtesy of Leor Porat

Students missed out on the full experience of many school events such as Homecoming this year, ASB Treasurer-elect, junior Leor Porat said in a Zoom interview. He said that ASB is planning to make up for the missed events next school year. 

“I’m excited to see how everything plays out next year with everyone returning to in-person school,” Porat said. “There will be a lot of changes in school and in leadership. I’m just excited to be part of the process and have some say in those decisions.”

Rishi Zamvar

Photo courtesy of Rishi Zamvar

For sophomore Rishi Zamvar, this will be his second year as the ASB Rally Commissioner. Zamvar said he hopes to engage a larger audience for rallies in the upcoming school year. 

“I really want to make sure that our rallies are catered to the diverse community we have at Homestead,” Zamvar said. “Going forward, I want to expand my reach by contacting a lot more clubs and [involve them in] rallies.”