Forte dance showcase

On Jan.29, the HHS equestriettes participated in a competition consisting of various performances from dance groups of the FUHSD District.

Leah’s solo

Since the West Coast Elite (WCE) competition where senior Leah Jang received 7th place in soloist performances, she said she has made improvements to her solo for future competitions, working on areas based off of the judges’ evaluations.

Small group, contemp

Freshman Evelyn Wang and seniors Leah Jang and Jodi Yu took the floor, performing for the small contemporary group section. With a less traditional approach, the group was able to showcase an equal balance between roles, ensuring that one person did not always have the lead since they participated in choreographing their performance themselves, sophomore and equestriette Kiara Artola said.

Lyrical, medium group

Next up, Madelyn Callahan, Satomi Hamano, Alison Harris, Leah Jang and Evelyn Wang performed for the lyrical, medium group showcase. The group incorporated many moves that would be considered masculine, sophomore and equestriette Kiara Artola said. In order to prepare, Artola said the lyrical group did much strength training beforehand to do moves such as lifts.