A limitless story

Junior Mira Haldar enjoys reading, has read 100 books in the past year

A young girl sits in the library, little fingers turning each page as her eyes struggle to keep up. The only sounds are the crisp pages sliding neatly into each other and the calming hum of the air conditioning. Immersed in the literary world, the now-junior Mira Haldar continues her passion for reading.

Initially, Haldar began reading at a young age to learn English but developed a passion for books as she grew older, she said.

“There wasn’t really a lightning bolt moment,” Haldar said. “Throughout elementary and middle school, I kept up a reputation as being the person who liked reading and was excited about new book releases.”

Haldar said reading became a passion of hers once she saw it as more than an assignment. (Photo by Faith Watters)

Haldar said she has learned to embrace reading, not just as a class assignment but as a passionate hobby.

“I actually felt a lot of shame whenever I’d read something with romance or something that was clearly just written for entertainment,” Haldar said. “It took me some time to realize that it’s okay to like reading [less serious novels for fun].”

Despite the number of books she has read, Haldar said she does not have a singular favorite.

“I’ve always rebelled against the notion of having one favorite book,” Haldar said. “I have different moods and [unique] books that resonate with those moods,” Haldar said.

Haldar’s personal favorite genres are unconventional, being science fiction and romance.

“I really like [romance] because they portray interpersonal relationships in a really captivating way,” Haldar said. “There’s a core, genuine understanding of human nature in several good romance books. And I think romance books should get more credit for what they can do.”

Haldar advises others to educate themselves through literature as well.

“Read whatever makes you want to continue to read, but also read critically,” Haldar said. “[There have been] some really horrible messages that have been spread throughout history due to literature.”