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Homestead High School's student newspaper

The Epitaph

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The Epitaph

While I have struggled with allergies since I was a child, they have shaped many facets of my life and have made me the person I am today.

The Daydreamer

By Karuna Chandran March 8, 2023

Books are meant to be read cover to cover, to let the story carefully, but surely unfold as the pages turn, illuminating further truths within. Over the years, I have crafted an alternative method to reading...

Haldar said reading became a passion of hers once she saw it as more than an assignment.

A limitless story

By Faith Watters January 17, 2023

A young girl sits in the library, little fingers turning each page as her eyes struggle to keep up. The only sounds are the crisp pages sliding neatly into each other and the calming hum of the air conditioning....

Committee aids community: With the help of NEHS’ committee and the HHS community, the book drive ended as a success, with a total of 60 books donated.

NEHS hosts first book drive to aid readers in need

By Ariana Tejeda Moreno, Ashley Orozco Plata, and Hope Saena December 12, 2021

The National English Honors Society held their first-ever book drive from Nov. 1-12 to involve the HHS community in an effort to provide books to students and communities who may not have access to them,...

Despite the Harry Potter films surpassing over $7 billion in sales, there is a clear oversight in the execution of the movies.

Movie adaptations: a mistranslation of books

By Olivia Shen December 10, 2021

“Little Women,” “Harry Potter” and “Twilight'' are all names of well known book to movie adaptations. With the movie industry pulling in over $42 billion in 2019, it is disappointing to see that...

An Investment in Pride

By Joss Broward December 10, 2021

The power of a book is anything but negligible. They have the ability to inspire, validate and change minds. For members of the LGBTQ community, queer literature has not often been easily attainable. The...

 The Sunflower Spread: Gupta calls this spread her favorite as it is one of the first spreads she ever did.

A look into student summer hobbies

By Seoyoung Hwang and Niyatee Jain August 16, 2021

As summer ends, students discuss their favorite hobbies done over the break. Aarushi Gupta Aarushi Gupta, a junior, said in a Zoom interview that one of her favorite ways to keep organized is...

Library encourages reading, students reading books for a chance to win gift cards.

HHS library introduces new spring reading program

By Nitya Kashyap and Elaine Huang May 11, 2021

For the first time in HHS history, the library hosted a spring reading program this year, library media specialist Shannon Vakili said in a Zoom interview. According to the HHS weekly bulletin email sent...

Book Recommendations

March 15, 2021

A look on books

A look on books

By Karen Li February 6, 2020

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