Garnering support through bracelets

Cancer society’s Pura Vida fundraiser raises awareness

Adorned with colorful shell bracelets, students show their support for the cancer society’s Pura Vida fundraiser held from April 24-28. The annual fundraiser sells Pura Vida bracelets to raise money for cancer patients, activities director, junior Anna Savage said.

The Pura Vida fundraiser allowed students to purchase new jewelry and donate to a worthy cause, member, junior Anika Iyer said. (Photo by Lindsey Steel)

While the club hosts a variety of activities, such as card-making events for cancer patients and informational meetings about different types of cancer, Savage said the Pura Vida fundraiser is the club’s most successful event.

“We’ve been doing this fundraiser for a few years now, and it always brings in a lot of people,” Savage said. “[The jewelry] represents certain types of cancer, like orange to represent leukemia, and students really like the bracelets.”

The profits from the fundraiser all go to Cancer CarePoint, a cancer treatment center, Savage said.

Cancer society member, junior Anika Iyer said the fundraiser not only provides an opportunity to purchase a new accessory but also brings attention to a worthy cause.

“The fundraiser is a good way to spread awareness about the importance of cancer and health,” Iyer said. “It also increases the club’s membership, because students affiliate it with something they love, like Pura Vida bracelets.”

Similarly, junior Thea Gomard, who bought a bracelet in the fundraiser, said although cancer is incredibly difficult for patients and their families, the event sparked hope and optimism. 

“It’s hard to help people with cancer, but the fundraiser made me feel like I was doing what I could for patients,” Gomard said. “Also, the Pura Vida bracelets are so cute. It was such a great idea on the part of the Cancer Society club.”

Despite the popularity of Pura Vida bracelets among the student body, Savage said that the club initially had difficulty advertising for their event. Savage said that the officers spread the word about the fundraiser through social media, posters and by advertising across campus. 

Ultimately, the objective of the fundraiser was to foster a sense of community and help others in need, Savage said. 

“Through this fundraiser, we wanted to bring our community together so that people know how to support those battling cancer,” Savage said.